Spreecast: What’s Up With The New Social Video Darling, Plus How It Can Build Your Brand

Spreecast for Marketing

A few weeks back we covered Vine, a new app for recording and sharing bite-sized videos. This time around, we’re discussing a different video-oriented social platform that’s gaining some serious clout – Spreecast.

What’s A Spreecast?
Spreecast is a free, live-streaming video-broadcasting platform with integrated social media. Basically, users can broadcast live video while interacting with viewers via a Twitter and Facebook stream that lives beside the video – essentially making the broadcast an interactive experience. Up to four users can split the screen, while unlimited viewers can watch and chat. There is also the option to make broadcasts private, and all video can be recorded for later use.

According to the company website, Spreecast can be used to:

  • Discuss current events: Journalists, bloggers and media companies broadcast their analysis of the news
  • Explore your interests: Users meet and interact with others who share the same hobbies and interests
  • Meet celebrities and personalities: Public figures use the platform to connect with fans
  • Engage with customers: Brands use Spreecast to connect with customers, promote products, services and events, and to build a larger social presence
  • Chat with friends and family: Private and unlisted Spreecasts are used to stay in-touch with loved ones
  • Host video conferences: Again, private and unlisted settings can be used for companies, organizations, schools, etc to host interactive meetings

Why Is Spreecast Taking Off?
While there are many new platforms like Vine, Viddy and Socialcam vying to be the video version of Instagram, and others like Google+ Hangouts competing with Skype, Spreecast has managed to standout amongst the crowd – and grow a strong fan base along the way. Launched in 2011, many prominent people and companies, like Anderson Cooper and VH1, have begun to regularly use Spreecast. So, why is it the one video platform that’s managed to gain traction? Because it mixes live video and interactivity to create a special sauce that allows viewers to not only consume real-time content, but become active participants in it as well.

Plus, the barriers to entry (and engagement) are pretty low. The Spreecast technology can be easily embedded on any site, including blogging platforms and it recently rolled out a mobile app for on-the-go video chatting. Additionally, the technology is web-based and doesn’t require any downloads, so viewers just sign in with Facebook or Twitter credentials and they’re ready to participate.

How Can I Use Spreecast To Market My Business?
While Spreecast is most popular in the entertainment and news industries, it certainly has its uses for other businesses. If you’re thinking that it’s time to jump on the Spreecast train NOW, it’s clutch to first build a strategy around how you’ll use the platform. Also, keep in mind that Spreecast is all about real-time engagement with customers or clients – meaning, media training for anyone you’re putting in front of the camera would certainly be a good idea.

Incorporating Spreecast into your company blog is an easy way to test the live-broadcast and engagement waters. Consider including the platform as part of your blog’s content calendar and schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Spreecasts. While there are endless ways Spreecast can help build your brand, we pulled together a few ideas to get you started:

  • Feature subject matter experts and spokespeople discussing current events and trending topics affecting your brand
  • Highlight a new product or service and have a subject matter expert or spokesperson on hand to answer questions
  • Hold an interview with a customer or client and discuss how your company has helped them
  • Broadcast a Spreecast from your tradeshow booth, showing off your latest products and services
  • Broadcast how-to videos that demonstrate products and answer frequently asked questions

What do you think about Spreecast? Is it a platform you’d consider using to promote your brand?

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