Hack Tweeter Influencer Targeting: aC Weekly Psychographic Hot House

For this week, our Hot House targeting tactic is a how-to guide to create amazingly pinpointed Twitter lists of qualified, relevant users using Sysomos MAP.

Selecting handles to target in a Twitter campaign can seem daunting when dealing with a network of 302 million monthly active users. With MAP’s “User Details” authority ranking feature, marketers can quickly pinpoint authority handles — and their followers. That’s powerful considering marketers can:

  • Target followers of a profile
  • Filter additionally with psychographics (Twitter Ads UI)
  • Build cookie pools and retarget these users as owned audiences

Targeting profile owners likely means the OWNER sees your promoted tweets. This can be an especially potent PR tactic.

Let’s get started.


We used our founder, Marty Weintraub, for this week’s example to provide a step-by-step guide for creating an optimal Twitter targeting list.

We know Marty is an influencer in his own right, so we want to capitalize on that following. Having started and run the @AIMCLEAR Twitter profile as his personal feed for many years, Marty’s been tweeting personal photo essay rants and industry commentary for about a year. Most of his followers are marketers. The community is small and influential.

In “user details” we input Marty’s social handle and click analyze. MAP then returns information about his followers, segmented by high, medium and low authority. The results include a list of handles we’ll target in Twitter.


MAP also provides another cool option for targeting, Twitter top influencers based on keywords. KW “True Detective” has nothing to do with Marty, but for the sake of showcasing this feature, let’s see which users with the most authority are tweeting about True Detective.


Building a qualified target audience is key to any campaign. While identifying users with authority can be a challenge, using a tool like Sysomos MAP makes identifying these users much easier.

Happy Psychographic Targeting! See you next week.

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