Happy SES New York 2008 St. Paddy’s Day!

St Patricks Day Parade

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Good morning New York, and those of you tuning in from elsewhere. The city is a sea of green this morning. As dawn rises here, the hustle and bustle begins. Many people are arriving early at the Hilton too, in anticipation of what they’ll learn today at SES New York 2008, and of meeting up with friends they’ve not seen in some time.

There’s a palpable air of excitement as conference vets and newbies alike follow the SES signs like a homing beacon. So much to learn, so many people to meet … yet so little time. Once again, the Hilton provides an ideal venue for such an event, and is well situated in the heart of Manhattan.

Today’s agenda is jam packed … with lots of interesting sessions to cover, and I understand a St Paddy’s Day pub crawl to follow. A full list of today’s sessions follows here. I’m pleased to be covering this event for Marty of AIMCLEAR, and to help out a little with SEORoundTable coverage too.

There are 3 of us covering the event for AimClear:
a. Charlene Jaszewski
b. Marty (will cover a session or 2)
c. myself

Throughout the next 4 days of the conference, we’ll be posting the details of the sessions we attend immediately upon their completion. This should total roughly 20-24 sessions. We may even let you in on some of the after hours happenings.

Stay tuned here at AIMCLEAR!

Jeff Quipp is President of Search Engine People Inc..

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