HUGE Facebook Category Targeting Expansion – Occupation Targeting, Travel, Tech & More!

Holy $&*)! Facebook advertisers, take a seat! (Yes, even you skeptical B2B marketers.) Facebook Category targeting just took serious leaps and bounds forward in terms of native category targeting. Scroll on to see Facebook’s latest (huge!) category targeting update laid out visually.

We were first tipped off when we noticed the Broad Categories box looks a bit different: AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update

At first we thought: hmmm, testing a different look, eh? Much to our delight, a quick check of the drop down categories revealed a bevy of new categories! Scroll on and behold Facebook’s latest category targeting.

The Business/Finance category holds a treasure trove of targets for B2B marketers:


Next, you’ll see a very familiar set of data for Demographic Categories:


Entertainment categories have also been augmented with Facebook adding the “live event” category, being more specific about types of games, and added more “obscure” sports, films, and music types:

AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-entertainment-1 AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-entertainment-2

Facebook added a ton of vehicle and auto data to their Interest/Activities category, as well as consumer goods and food data.

AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-interest-activities-1-autos-vehicles AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-interest-activities-2-vehicle-brands   AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-entertainment-3-charity-food-drink AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-entertainment-4-health-fitness-home-garden-news-outdoor-pets   AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-entertainment-5-relationship-social-sci-tech


Holy moly! Check out how Facebook’s “travel” categories ballooned!


Job categories in Facebook also received a nice spruce-up. Looking for decision makers? Executive targeting is just a click away:


Let’s not forget mobile device (used!) targeting on Facebook:


Did the Interest/Activities category leave you B2C consumers wanting? Check out the Retail/Shopping categories:


Facebook certainly looked out for those in the electronics space:

AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-retail-shopping-2-computer-electronics         AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-retail-shopping-3-internet-shopping-toys

Killer targeting, Facebook. Just killer 🙂 We <3.


Ok, so where did Facebook get their data? They’re not especially descriptive in the data source: AIMCLEAR-Facebook-Category-Targeting-update-data-source-descripton

We will say, it does look awfully familiar to Facebook Partner Category Targeting

Be careful marketers, this data can be a bit murky. For example, if you select “Real Estate” are you targeting real estate agents or users who just happened to “like” their local real estate agent’s page? But then again, would that be a good category for targeting users looking to purchase a home? Could be… Best practice is to not solely rely on category targeting as your only targeting, but as a targeting segment qualifier.


Feature Image Credit: © ra2 studio – Fotolia (dot) com

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