I Was Diagnosed With Stage 3B Lymphoma

HeartSo I emailed my friends and loved ones Friday, August 12, 2005 at 1:28 PM from Mayo Clinic. At 45 years old I was 6-weeks recently remarried, AIMCLEAR was a dream, and my 2 lovely daughters, Lee and Sylvie, were 12 and 10 years old respectively.

It was devastating news and we were crushed. Later in this post I hope you’ll l take a minute to read the full text of that day’s email bearing the difficult news. Now I’m OK, but even for me today the words provide eerie insight as to what it’s like to receive the heartbreaking Lymphoma diagnosis. Also, this post is a meme.

NYC Search Marketers’ Party During SMX to Beat Lymphoma
It’s not often I have a legitimate reason to talk about cancer survival in our search marketing blog. However, Next week Internet Marketers of New York (IMNY) is sponsoring a charity event to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The bash is sponsored by Best of The Web and SMX Social Media attendees have specifically been invited. Since AIMCLEAR will be covering SMX Social Media, I’ve changed my flight reservations in order to attend. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, sponsors of Light the Night, was a critical informational resource and support structure for me and my family. Now it’s time to give back.

Link Love is as Good as Money! Please Circulate the Event URL by linking to http://www.im-ny.org/events.html and tag 3 other bloggers with outbound links. Ask them to pass it along to 3 bloggers, etc…. I am tagging Lyndon, FlyingRose, Danielle Winfield, Dana Wallert, Tinu, Brian, Andy Beard, Derek Semmler, Jenna, Nathania, Matt Keegan, Brian G, Andrew, Scott Clark, Lee Odden, Todd Mintz, Mu, SEORefuge, Michael, Maki, and all our treasured RSS and email subscribers. Everyone on this list is also a Stumbler…you know what to do!

Never Thought I’d Use AIMCLEARBlog for This
2 years ago I had one hell of a fight on my hands. 7 months of intensive chemo, 3 weeks of radiation, and 18 months later I remain in “first partial remission” with a good prognosis for long term survival. I’m one of the lucky ones. Please help publicize this event by attending, donating, or passing along meme link love.THANK YOU!

The Most Difficult Email of My Life:
From: Marty
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 1:28 PM
Subject: Cancer

Friends and loved ones,
I was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Lymphoma is treatable in all stages, and I will soon know exactly what subtype of lymphoma I have. I have no symptoms other than a swollen gland though I have many masses in my body. I am at the Mayo Clinic with Laura. I had surgery yesterday.

Please center your prayers on hoping-for-Hodgkin’s, which is the most treatable type. Regardless of the type, I have a terrific fight on my hands. I am ready for it.

The rabbi tells me that most people waste a lot of time on a couple of nagging questions at times like these. I’m very lucky that I’m truly not caught up in such questions:

1: I am not mad at God. God did not do this to me. It is a simple fact that 3 in 10,000 people get Lymphoma. This is random. At worst, in my relationship with God, a challenge has been issued that I be the best I can be in the face of adversity. Therefore, I am blessed.

2: I do not question the fundamental fairness of the universe- we all know the universe is not fair-at least on a scale which humans can always recognize. There will be no “why me?” in this process.

I simply don’t have precious life energy to spend on either of these questions. Of all the people you know, I am the one who can beat something like this.

I’m in great physical and mental shape. The cancer is not in any of my organs. I am nearly fully asymptomatic. I’ve got a good shot. My friends and loved ones are AWESOME support. Cancer can take my time, health, body, and maybe even my life someday- but it can NOT take the happiness I’ve attained in my life. I intend to live until at least age 60. I will remain happy and faithful the entire time. I will increase that goal as I learn that more of a future is reasonable.

Next Weds or Thursday I will have the sub-type information and begin chemo and radiation. I’ll keep any of you informed if you want to know. Please include my family in your prayers. The Mayo Clinic is the best place in the word for me to deal with this and my team is incredible. I am also positioned financially and professionally to take this on with little risk to the reality of my life.

Regardless, I will be back at work on Monday morning.


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