India Gives It To Facebook, Snapchat & Viacom Get Cozy | Social Marketing Cluster Facts

On Friday, we dive into the week’s social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week?

India bans Facebook’s “Free Basics” internet service (but Zuckerberg says he won’t give up), Twitter rolls out a new algorithm and Snapchat makes an advertising deal with media giant Viacom.

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India Internet Ruling Blocks Facebook ‘Free Basics’ Program, @BrandonBailey, ABC News

Facebook Loses A Battle In India Over Its Free Basic Program, @vindugoel, @MikeIsaac, New York Times

Facebook ‘colonialism’ row stokes distrust in Zuckberg, @DaveLeeBBC, BBC

Twitter Growth Grinds To A Halt, @jguynn USA Today

What Marketers Should Know About Twitter’s New Algorithmic ‘Catch-Up’ Feed, @petersontee, AdvertisingAge

Snapchat’s Viacom Deal Is A Sign It’s About To Go Mainstream, @jessiwrites, WIRED

Pinterest Hires Google Exec As New Ad Chief, @digitalshields, MarketWatch

Google Plus On The Web Now Alerts You To New Posts In Real-Time, Android Headlines

Account Switching: Now Available On Instagram, Instagram

The YouTube AdBlitz Champion Of 2016 Is… , YouTube



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