Kill “Craven StumbleUpon Traffic Whores?”

legs<Rant> Imagine our surprise to learn that, earlier this year, StumbleUpon trolls were publicly calling for my death.

Our blog is known as a search marketing “advice” publication, so here we’ll share a sadly funny SEM factoid. Some of the most successful AIMCLEARBlog posts were written about and drove OODLES of traffic from StumbleUpon, to a great extent from negative SU reviews for posts about SU.

I mean SU sent us an incredible amount of visitors since our start in March. In retrospect and after researching, we were surprised to learn that quite a bit of buzz-traffic came from those in SU who were totally critical of the fact that I had the AUDACITY to WRITE about SU, truly my favorite social media community. Some individuals employed nasty rhetoric & even suggested that I kill myself…really.

We don’t mind heat and don’t need to get out of the kitchen. Still, intellectually we’re amazed at the “thumbs down” and ugly sentiments, delivered by crabby SU trolls, for heartfelt work. Here are a couple of favorite shitty SU reviews of our post “6 Reasons to love StumbleUpon,” which drove tons of traffic-over 70,000 uniques.

arleas rated 6 months ago

[AIMCLEAR is] “another ass-kissing blog… “…This is unworthy of being a stumble simply because it’s of more interest to people who have never heard of Stumbleupon…and the rest of the ‘article’ is just opinions on why the author loves SU… big deal…”

Nitku rated 6 months ago

“It’s like reading product reviews of something you’ve already bought…I’ll just make sure if everyone else too thinks it really is good. What bothers me is that looks like every other blog post I stumble upon is about how Stumbleupon kicks ass. Whee.”

iper-Wolf33 rated 6 months ago

“What good does STUMBLING to this page do??”

orangerules907 rated 6 months ago

“oh hey more brown-nosing.”

Loving SU Must Be Fake
I guess since I’m an author who loves SU my motivation can only be selfish. Ok, maybe it’s because I’m a SEARCH MARKETING blogger that pisses off some crabby StumbleUpon natives and makes me selfish in their eyes.

Search marketing insidersoften say to HIDE the fact that I’m a Internet marketer. Wait, don’t those SEM conference speakers say to be “transparent?” Neil Patel says to get a hot chick avatar and don’t reveal that I’m an SEM. Which one is it?Well sorry, I just can’t fake it. I love SU AND my business is search. Tamar says the true hallmark of social media is AUTHENTICITY.Maybe the mob isn’t so wise AFTER ALL.

Here are some lovely troll review-ditties for “My StumbleUpon Friend,” a post from earlier this year. These helped drive tens of thousands of unique visitors:

ragingtexan rated 4 months ago

“I think you craven traffic-whores need to maximize the amount of bullets entering your mouth and exiting your skull.”

Tyfus rated 4 months ago

Whore. Dirty, dirty whore.

isshe rated 4 months ago

“i’ll tell you how to maximize stumbleupon: try doing it dead.”

Umm OK…suggesting suicide might be a bit radical. Anyway in our posts “6 Reasons to love StumbleUpon,” “My StumbleUpon Friend,” “Is Facebook Bleeding Out StumbleUpon,” “StumbleUpon Gets Facelift. Beta Upgrade Unveiled to Wider Group,” and “Will Ebay Wreck StumbleUpon” we DID in fact actually write about StumbleUpon.

I’m SORRY if we pissed any SU trolls off. OK, not really…Nothing can diminish my affection and respect for this community. I love search marketing so OF COURSE that’s a well covered topic in AIMCLEARBlog. I love SU a ton…ALSO well covered…yada, yada, yada.

For now, to those in SU who are critical of articles about SU, FUCK off (Even Danny Sullivan dropped ONE F-Bomb this year). Is it possible we actually meant all that nice stuff about SU? Could it be that we were being true to our hearts and surprised by the traffic? Maybe SU naysayers wouldn’t know authenticity if it hit them in the head.

To the majority of SU folks who support our writings about SU, THANK YOU for spotting honesty and passion when it’s right in front of you. To the rest of you…get a life </Rant>

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