Marketing MN Resorts, RV Parks, & Campgrounds: Free AIMCLEAR Webinar Tuesday, 4/28

Picture of Englishman Island in the Boundary Waters, to illustrate a sandy beach resort

The state of Minnesota has clarified guidelines for resorts, RV Parks, and campgrounds- sort of. Tourism businesses, their marketers, and agencies need to understand the state’s guidelines along with other challenges associated with promoting tourism to a Covid-wary public. While thousands of Minnesotans may want to get away, they have an entirely new set of concerns to factor into their decisions.

Those charged with marketing and PR for Minnesota’s tourism industry must walk a fine line in their advertising and messaging overall.

With summer tourism season rapidly approaching, we know businesses have countless questions and concerns about what may or may not be possible, from a marketing perspective. One thing we know: As of now there will be an easing of restrictions which allows many resort, RV park, and campground businesses to open and operate with limitations.

AIMCLEAR is partnering with the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce to offer a free webinar dedicated to informing and empowering tourism businesses operators statewide for the unique challenges facing 2020 tourism marketers. The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce has served as the voice of business in our area, which includes many affected businesses, for over 145 years. AIMCLEAR‘s international and regional hospitality marketing credits include Airbnb, Seagull Outfitters, Visit Cook County, ZMC Hotels, Grandview Lodge and others.

RV Park to illustrate an RV park business

Moderated by AIMCLEAR CMO Susan Wenograd, the Duluth Chamber’s free marketing webinar will happen Tuesday, April 28 at 2 PM. Register now.

We encourage you to invest an hour of your time to help us all enter the tourism season with a better awareness and direction. This session will help participants:

  • View Google search trends and analytics data that provides an essential insight into the mindset of travel customers right now;
  • Develop the now-requisite “Safety & Trust” key messages to impart confidence in your visitors that they will be safe;
  • Explore solutions for disallowed communal amenities while communicating that the travel experience can still be whole and memorable;
  • Position your property appropriately within the “Unnecessary travel” / “Closer to home” guidelines in the Governor’s order, within a specific distance;
  • Learn methods of reaching existing customers to help connect with loyal, repeat visitors;
  • Understand how campgrounds and RV resorts may market regarding allow “People who require necessary shelter for the purposes of work or required social distancing;”
  • Consider strategies for businesses not allowed to open yet, or those owners who aren’t comfortable opening at this time.

picture of Gooseberry falls to illustrate tourism place

Panelists will be Joe Thornton (AC VP PR), Erik Stafford (AC Creative Director), and myself. Each of us has decades of hospitality marketing and PR experience. Please register now for this timely online session. We hope you’ll join us for a state-wide discussion to help shape a better second half of 2020.  We’ll “see” you on Tuesday.

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