Mayo Clinic & What Happens When a Facebook Wall Goes Terribly Wrong

A firestorm has erupted on the Mayo Clinic Facebook Fan Page wall. Whether the allegations against Mayo doctor Aivars Slucis, accusing him of being a racist are true, the spiteful rhetoric makes for one ugly fan page.

This is the double edged sword of user generated content in all it’s ugly splendor. If the content has cycled off the fan page, click the “older posts” button at the bottom for a most unbelievable ride through user-generated Facebook disaster-land.

We think there’s not much Mayo could have done to avoid this social-lynching. To Mayo Clinic’s credit they did not remove the comments and responded to it by way of a series of official posts.

Is this the new Ripoff Report tactic? Are Facebook Fan Pages the new hijack and ambush mechanism? Are there real dangers here for competitive espionage? Would you have removed the comments if you were Mayo Clinic?

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