MIMA Salon-Future of Search: A Holistic View

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending my first MIMA (Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association)Event, The Future of Search: A Holistic View,” along the metropolitan shores of Lake Calhoun in Uptown-Minneapolis.

Kevin Willer, Google, Saleel Sathe, MSN AdCenter, Lee Odden, and TopRank Online Marketing. The moderator was Chris Boggs, from Avenue A Razorfish.

Saleel Sathe, MSN AdCenter, explained that in organic search some results work better on different demographic segments. He touted Microsoft adCenter features which offer advertisers demographic targeting in addition to standard Google and Yahoo fare. Given Microsoft’s recent bump in usage the demographic targeting adCenter offers may become a more important arrow in search marketers quiver. AIMCLEAR buys MS adCenter and the traffic tends to convert well once on the landing page.

Lee Odden surveys the digital assets his clients have and thinks about optimizing from the top town. He incorporates the SEO keyword ethic into all a client’s assets and takes them to a wide array of channels optimized. Lee stressed the need for recurrent content as “habit”, not just triage performed every once and a while.

All panel members stressed that it’s always a good strategy to cast a wide tactical net, thinking of each channel as a data source which needs to be marketed to and exploited. The search engines are engaged in a never-ending quest to provide the best SERPs possible. In that process it makes sense that decisions will be made (imposed) regarding what content is given prominence on SERPS. This has and could affect large swaths of advertisers who unfortunately had all their eggs in one data source basket.

As an aside, this morning Lee Odden promoted the MIMA event in Top Rank Blog along with an associated post called Holistic Search Engine Optimization. Later,

Search Engine Land highlighted Lee’s second post in The Day In Search. I was in the Cities anyway. Nice job Lee! Please accept this post as proof that your post resulted in converting me to a customer today.
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