MnSearch Summit Highlights Vibrant Minnesota Search Marketing Scene


This Friday, online marketers from around the state will convene in downtown Minneapolis for the inaugural MnSearch Summit. If you’re guessing the venue will be a ghost town, guess again. The event is sold out and expecting attendees from the likes of Medtronic, Caring Bridge, Globe University and other well-known local companies.

You know something is serious business when it attracts such a crowd during long-weekend territory! AIMCLEAR will venture south—in the opposite direction of cabin traffic (cue smug smirks)—and just across the river to attend and speak at the full-day search, social and digital marketing conference.

This is an exciting event for AIMCLEAR. We love showing off Minnesota and bringing the best speakers from across the country to the annual Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference, so we’re pumped that MnSearch is doing the same for the Twin Cities search marketing scene. And boy did they knock it out of the park with the roster. Rand Fishkin of Moz and Lee Odden of TopRank will be keynoting the event. Other headliners include Google’s Justin Cutroni and LinkedIn’s Jason Miller. Our friends Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting and Larry Kim of WordStream will be there, along with luminaries from Dell, Distilled, Vertical Measures, Unbounce and WhiteSpark. These are folks you’d see at national conferences, right here in Minnesota.


The MNSearch Summit will field two tracks packed with sessions on SEO, social and content marketing. You’ll learn about local search, algorithm updates, link building, landing page optimization, analytics, even AdWords.

marty-finalOur own Marty Weintraub will be sharing the secrets to paid organic content marketing during his session “Paid/Organic Social Psychographic Content Distribution! Conversion, Social Signals & Community Building.” His session, which begins at 3:40pm, will highlight why marketers must buy organic amplification ad units. With Facebook and other social platforms obliterating organic distribution, essentially telling companies they need to buy ads for their content to be seen, and a considerable portion of above-the-fold SERP real estate being devoted to ads and paid listings, gone are the days of purely organic content promotion.

Marty will show attendees how to use organic-looking social PPC and display ads to drive psychographically focused traffic to your content. Benefits of this highly effective method include building awareness and interest among potential customers, employees, investors, influencers and journalists; generating leads and conversions; spawning links and social signals (hello SEO!); and earning social friends and followers. In addition, this medium can be used to conduct multivariate message and social voice testing.

Join Marty and moderator Josh Braaten and learn how to leverage this technique now before other marketers catch on and drive up competition and costs.

The MnSearch Summit kicks off at 7:30am this Friday, June 27, at the University of St. Thomas. Although the event is sold out, MnSearch hosts regular monthly events at which presenters share the latest news, tactics and tools to help marketers improve their search marketing efforts. Check it out if you’re interested, and if you’ll be at the Summit, we’ll see you there.

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