Must Read 2007 Web Analytics Shootout – Interim Report

stone templeSo great is the ripple effect of social media that people blog about people blogging about important content. It is in this spirit that I pass along the following content, which is striking in scope and seriously useful to anyone who reads analytics everyday-or should. Thanks to Stone Temple Consulting for making this information available and Search Engine Land for reporting it. John Biundo of Stone Temple Consulting, Jonah Stein of Alchemist Media, and Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz contributed to Jim Sterne’s article.

In today’s SEL post, Detailed Comparison & Review Of Web Analytics Software Underway, Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Round Table reports on Stone Temple Consulting’s 2007 Web Analytics Shootout – Interim Report. The ambitious research project compares and contrasts ClickTracks, Google Analytics, IndexTools, Unica Affinium NetInsight, and WebSide Story HBX Analytics.

Our clients utilize various configurations of popular analytics software. (AIMCLEAR recently partnered with ClickTracks to provide agency wide analytics solutions for our clients.) The “Interim report” takes a thoughtful look at deletion rates of first and third party cookies, comparative visitor, unique visitor, page views, site defined segments, and analysis of comparative data.

The final report version, scheduled for July 2001 will discuss each analytic package’s areas of strength and weaknesses as pertain to different webmaster scenarios Along with screen shots and commentary.

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