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You may have heard the rumors, and it turns out they’re true! Pinterest targeting now packs a punch that puts them in the psychographic game! The site has recently released some major news pertaining to new targeting capabilities now (and soon to be) available in its self-serve ad platform. These new targeting features include expanded interest categories (the platform went from 30 to 420!) and the introduction of email address targeting. This is exciting and all, but let’s see how it stacks up to the competition.

Pinterest is a captivating platform where users collect (or pin) ideas, desires, plans (hint: shopping intent!) by way of stunning images that are carefully placed in organized groupings that can be shared with other individuals. If that’s not a marketer’s psychographic dream, then we don’t know what is. By way of observing someone’s boards, you can discover their personal style, culinary tastes, DIY project ambition, future vacation destinations, family dynamics and so much more. With Pinterest’s shopping capabilities and new targeting categories, they may have a fighting chance of becoming one of the biggest players.

Expanded Targeting – From 30 to 420!

Pinterest has increased its number for available interest targeting categories by 1,300 percent! This MAJOR increase stemmed from adding sub-categories to the existing interests. For example, advertisers were previously able to target holidays or events, but now you can target users who are interested in specific holidays like the Fourth of July.


Pinterest now has it all! And we’re taking a look inside at the inventory. Do you want to target users interested in art and design:


Photography, film, or DIY crafts:


Outdoor activities, travel or sports:


Events, food, or kids and family:


Health and fashion:


Education and technology:


Or miscellaneous categories:


Previously, ads appearing in content feeds could be targeted by interest but not by keyword, and the ads appearing in search results could be targeted by keyword but not by interest. However, now social psychographic marketers can layer interest AND keyword targeting to capitalize on BOTH types of users at the same time.




Pinterest Email Targeting

Much like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest will soon allow advertisers to upload lists of consumer email address that have been captured from nurture programs, newsletter sign-ups, door-to-door petitions and beyond — how you get ‘em is up to you. Once a list of email addresses is uploaded, Pinterest will match said email addresses to individual user accounts. From here, advertisers can provide second touch messaging to users who have already interacted with their brand in some way and pull these users deeper into the funnel towards conversion. Keep in mind, you must have at least 100 email addresses in the list uploaded to the platform. But that should be easy enough, right? 🙂

Following Facebook and Twitter’s footsteps, these Pinterest email custom audiences are also able to be used as exclusion targeting to exclude users who have already purchased. This targeting feature has yet to roll out to the self-serve ad platform, but you can bet your ass we’ll let you know when it does.

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