News You Need: Week of 6/15

The News You Need series blog header from AIMCLEAR features a newspaper over chat bubbles hovering over the globe.

Like many of us, Covid-19 has meant cleaning house and upgrading things. The platforms are no exception, with updates rolling out one after the other. Here’s the tea so far in June!

Snapchat Is All Growed Up!

The demo may still be young, but Snap is signaling they came to play with the roll out of the certification program this week. Check out the details on Focus, and how to access the modules.

OTOH, Google Is NOT Playing

Google has been creating more policies and rules on everything from election season to Covid-19 marketing. Their latest? Cracking down on clickbait. Those in fields dealing with illnesses, arrests, bankruptcy, and before/after health claims will want to take note.

YouTube Continues Ecommerce Dollar Grab

A new ad unit is coming to YouTube, surely no coincidence with the uptick in consumption while so many of us are home more. Ecommerce product listings will appear beneath brand video ads to highlight specific products from a product feed.

They are also adding “Video Action Campaigns” which will distribute ads “driving action” to the YouTube home feed, watch pages and Google video partners.

More details are here.

Is GDPR Working?

Now that the furor has died down, where do things stand? There’s a great run-down of the last two years.

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