News You Need: Week of 6/29

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Before you fire up those 6-ft-away 4th of July festivities, it was yet another busy week in the land of digital. Here are the top things we’ve had our eye on at AIMCLEAR!

Congratulations, it’s a boy…cott.

The #StopHateForProfit movement has gained steam in a pretty short amount of time. Big name advertisers are tripping over each other to pull funds from Facebook for advertising, and a list is keeping track.


What started it and how is Facebook responding? Read my rundown on it here.

Meanwhile, on Instagram…

On the other side of the Facebook empire, it’s being reported that Instagram is now testing a full-screen display for stories. Instead of only having the top bar with icons indicating additions to stories, there will possibly be a full page laying out all those circles for users.

This would make sense as the feature continues to grow in popularity, and more users add to their Stories throughout the day.

You can read the lowdown over on Social Media Today.

The Coronavirus crawl of ad spend

eMarketer has released a new report with a revised outlook for digital spending for the rest of the year, now that the impact of Covid has become more known.

For maybe the first time ever, they are projecting a decline in search spending, with assumed growth in Facebook, Amazon. The full report can be read here.

Shopping Is Getting Main Stage Treatment

Google Shopping ads will be eligible to run for free in the main set of search results after making them free in the Shopping tab recently. Check out the screenshots and the information here.

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