News You Need: Week of 7/13/20

The News You Need series blog header from AIMCLEAR features a newspaper over chat bubbles hovering over the globe.

Another week, another news cycle! Video continues to puff its chest mightily, Google explains the Discover experience,

Make Responsive More Dynamic!

(Is that the most ad-tech headline ever?)

Google Ads is upping the features in the Responsive Search Ad offering.

What used to be just a way to specify some headlines and body copy for automatic matching and fast testing is quickly becoming a possible testing powerhouse.

This week they announced the ability to add dynamic elements like Countdown Timers and Location Insertion (this will save you a bunch of time if you’re manually making ads for different locations!).

Get all the deets via my coverage on Search Engine Journal.

Video Killed the Static Image Feed Star

Video is ramping up FAST, both in platforms that are ramping up their ad buying options, and also the platforms that are launching self serve ad platforms over the past few months.

The changes won’t stop, and this article does a great job of detailing why it’s time to buckle in for this landscape to come-of-age.


You Can’t Discover the Method for Discover

Google Discover has been a quiet force in their ecosystem, both for users to find new stuff, but also for advertisers to expand their ad efforts.

Google issued a statement and explanations about how Discovery operates, stressing that it should not be focused on as a search mechanism.

Because 2020: Twitter Hacked

A meltdown of epic proportion occurred this week when highly visible Twitter accounts were hacked. The culprits walked with over $100,000 in Bitcoin takings from the scam.

Details are scarce, but early analysis is could have been much worse.

(Which, given how 2020 has been thus far, is relatively good news, we reckon.)

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