News You Need: Week of 7/6/20

The News You Need series blog header from AIMCLEAR features a newspaper over chat bubbles hovering over the globe.

Welcome to another week of the top stories we’re eyeballing here at AIMCLEAR.

This week, Facebook drives media buyers insane (we know, what else is new?), TikTok goes for it, and Instagram is testing features for a more zen-like feed.

Facebook Creates Its Own Fireworks for the 4th

In case you heard a collective wail the weekend of July 4th, those weren’t fireworks. They were the collective “WTF” of ad buyers.

The much-anticipated CCPA rolled out, and ad accounts flew into turmoil as Facebook blocks all user data in California for the month of July.

While lawyers and ad buyers alike sift through the heady language to figure out the minimum requirements to CYA and protect brands, it’s meant pausing and redoing a lot of account setups.

Detalis and opinion can be found here.

TikTok Ticks People Off But Still Opens Up Ads

After mostly frustrating advertisers for the past couple years with a huge barrier of entry, TikTok has finally released self-serve ads.

It comes at an interesting time, with the platform recently banned in India, and scrutiny from reports of how its tracking user’s phone information.

A walkthrough of the platform can be seen here.

Instagram is Battling Icky User Behavior

Instagram is trying to empower users to stomp down trolls and bullies in their comments section. First announced in May, the ability to pin up to three comments at the top of a post is now available to all.

They have also been testing the ability for users to delete bigger quantities of undesirable comments, along with the feature to choose who is allowed to tag you in posts.

Take that, internet miscreants.


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