News You Need: Week of May 25, 2020

The News You Need series blog header from AIMCLEAR features a newspaper over chat bubbles hovering over the globe.

Despite slow-time movement of COVID-19, it’s causing a lot of fast changes in the media world. This week’s news is a mix of advertising pushes tied to how buyers and media are shifting, and a Google signal update. (Because really, is it a normal week if they aren’t ruffling SEO feathers?)

Instacart Wants More Insta-Money

The explosion of grocery delivery has meant not only growth for Instacart, but also opportunity. The delivery heavyweight launched a self-serve ad platform, allowing brands to run promoted product ads in user search results.

Get the details here.

Media Landscape in Post-COVID countries

What’s happening in countries who dealt with COVID-19 before the US did?

Well, that depends on what country you ask.

It’s an interesting snapshot of where different countries are, especially given they all had varying levels of lockdown in place.

IGTV Wants To Grow Up

There’s been a lot of head-scratching about what IGTV wants to be. Full-length video that isn’t search-driven like YouTube has been a tougher sell for brands.

To woo content creators, IGTV has finally rolled out monetization for content creators.

If you can’t beat ’em…pay ’em!

So…Is GDPR Working, Orrrr…?

Now that GDPR has become more common practice, how is it faring?

This rundown does a great job of showing the wins, losses, and grey areas that still exist when it comes to legislating privacy.

Cue the Ranking Signal Rage

Google has announce a ranking change that will take Core Web Vitals into account, along with the user experience signals it already utilizes.

What are these things? Check them out, and get your site in line accordingly!

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