Facebook Persona Buyer Targeting Part 2! Psychographic Hot House

Welcome to Part Two of AIMCLEAR‘s Facebook Purchase Behavior Buyer Psychographic Profiles! This week we’ll explore Facebook Purchase Behaviors: Store and Purchase Types, and Health and Beauty categories for audiences perfectly potent for big pharma and, cosmetics crosshairs, and finally intriguing gender-bending audiences.


As outlined in Part One, Facebook’s Behavior Targeting, data based on actual purchases and loyalty memberships, holds a multitude of Purchase Behaviors for psychographic targeting precision with so much more in store for marketers than meets the eye. Let the PSYCHOgraphic targeting fun begin again!


Facebook Purchase Types


While these categories alone may not psychographically reveal too much, remember: Facebook’s targeting tool is incredibly flexible, allowing savvy social marketers to cleverly combine categories, within buckets using the OR operator, as well as filtering or qualifying users with the AND operator (via Narrow Audiences).

Marketers can glean some income insight from categories such as: Upscale travel services, High-end home décor, and Fine dining restaurants. Pairing Upscale travel services and high-end home décor is a spot-on combination to target more affluent users who like living and traveling in style. The marketing potential is endless from DeltaOne tickets, cashmere travel wraps, and concierge-style apps to foofy bath salts, high-thread-count linens, and crystal stemware.


Add in fine dining, plus wine buyers from our categories last week and you have a slew of Facebook users susceptible to experiential Tuscan or Napa getaways and wine country spa retreats.


Next, let’s move on to perhaps the most unique category: Senior products. It may come as a surprise (unless, like us, you’ve tried to reach this audience), but it can be rather difficult on Facebook to target seniors living in the same location of their adult children. Surprisingly, Twitter targeting makes this seriously simple (TWO ways!) via their behavior targeting:


While we marketers wait for Facebook to hop on Twitter’s targeting bandwagon, get crafty with AND targeting by narrowing the age range, and filtering by homeowners to the Senior Products Purchase Behaviors:


Unlikely targeting pairing is one of our favorites at AIMCLEAR. Take, for example, users who buy toys and collectibles, but have no children (via exclusion targeting). Here are the Peter Pans of Facebook, folks:


Narrow this audience by other categories for way zoomed-in collector audiences. For example, maybe you’re looking to sell the time machine set piece from the film, The Time Machine…

Target buyers of collectibles, without kids, with significant income, plus a love of science fiction and comic books and BINGO!


Another interesting pairing: foodies who dine at fast food joints. (Really?!) Would people who consider themselves “foodies” really go for fast food? Apparently so. But this doesn’t mean they actually like doing it… perhaps these users often find themselves chained to their desk and swamped with work, so fast food and takeout are the quickest options. Pair foodies who frequent fast food spots with higher income, technology early adopters, smartphone users and it becomes a highly vetted audience for companies like Grubhub, Caviar, Postmates and more.


Store Types

Moving down Facebook’s Purchase Behavior Targeting, we hit Store Types – which mostly revolve around income indicators, perfect to pair with our Purchase Types just uncovered.


But first, let’s iron out some examples of the store types:

High-end retail: Neiman Marcus and Barney’s
Department stores: Macy’s
Low-end department store: JCPenney, Sears
Discount department store: WalMart

Facebook users matching the profile of buyers of high-end home décor and shoppers at discount and low-end department stores are a sweet spot audience for TJ Maxx, Ross, and Overstock.


High-end cosmetic companies like Lancome, Estee Lauder, and MAC will gush over the next audience, pairing cosmetic buyers with high-end retailers:


BTW: a MILLION Facebook femme fatales in this audience (about half) are earning between $75,000-$100K!

Pair more moderate incomes ($30K-$75K) with department store shoppers, and cosmetics buyers to craft a perfect audience for makeup subscription companies like Ipsy.



Health & Beauty

Our last purchaser category to explore this week is Health and beauty. We have to hand it to Facebook for offering up this targeting as it’s rare we’d be able to uncover allergy sufferers through variables on users’ profiles or via brand affinities.


Clearly, this type of targeting was a boon and no-brainer for pharma companies upon its release, but alternative medicine and essential oil companies can use this kind of targeting to sweep in and convert the coughing and allergy sufferers to more holistic alternatives. Simply combine purchasers of vitamins, supplements, cough medicine, allergy pills and over-the-counter medications with holistic ideals.


Men’s grooming is an interesting selection. On its face it looks pretty straight up. Men buy men’s grooming products – duh. Sure, some ladies will buy these products for their spouse, partners or growing teenage boys; but (WHOA!) in reality, over half (55+percent) of those reported to purchase men’s grooming products are women.


Keeping with the gender-bending slant, let’s look for men who are into men’s grooming, but have also purchased skincare and cosmetics or beauty accessories. (Why not?)


Now, this isn’t just an interesting audience that bends gender stereotypes —, we can also glean the following from men who are regimented about grooming and cosmetics:

  • More likely to be in the public eye (as a professional speaker, on-camera talent like TV hosts, actors and models)
  • More likely to be in positions where first impressions matter (think: sales)
  • More likely to dress well (while they may or may not spend a load on apparel, they make sure what they wear looks good and/or is fashion-forward)
  • More likely to be body conscious and/or fit

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this psychographic targeting pairing could reveal. (BTW – you may want to stereotype further and assume a good portion of these users may be gay or bi-sexual, but surprise!, they don’t even make up one percent of this audience.)

Remember fellow social marketing mavens: Purchase Behavior targeting is powerful stuff, but extra potent when combined with even more Purchase Behaviors, genders, likes and beyond. Stay tuned to AIMCLEAR‘s Psychographic Targeting Hot House series for yet another exploration of Facebook Purchase Behavior segments – we’re not done yet!

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