Perfecting Power Mom Personas on Facebook: Psychographic Targeting Hot House

Q: Who controls a $2.4 trillion market annually and mentions brands an average of 73 times per week, compared to 57 times for their counterparts?

A: What is a Mom?


(Nothing against Dads, you all rock too, but those stats are undeniable!)

Facebook easily gives marketers the ability to harness the buying power of a Mother Hen and tap into a nest egg of brand loyalty! In this edition of AIMCLEAR‘s Targeting Hot House, we’ll dive into the wide array of moms in Facebook’s targeting categories and show how to smartly layer on precise interests, financial qualifiers and more to laser-focus your matriarchal audience.

Demographic targeting can isolate moms and further delineate between the types of moms.


Go after the working mom with “Corporate Mom,” or plant your ads in front of environmentally conscious moms.


Whether you offer a back-to-school promotion this year or custom t-shirt printing for homecoming, marketers can tap into highly specific types of moms in a variety of different life stages. Have that thing to save new moms from unnecessary headaches (diaper genie, baby food processer, wine delivery)? New moms are a captive audience at home and are already on Facebook showing off their new bundle of joy.


Show brick-and-mortar who’s boss with ecommerce layering. Build in online purchase behaviors and track instant conversion. Cha-CHING!


Let’s get specific for a moment: running a back-to-school promotion for half-off gym memberships in Chicago?


THREE THOUSAND highly motivated, financially secure, powerful MOMS.

Happy mom targeting!

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