Personalized AdWords Results foreshadow Significant Shifts in Paid Search.

googleThere has been chatter about it for months. Now, fellow SEM Google adWords-watchers are trafficking blog posts highlighting fascinating examples of Google PPC results which are based dynamically, in part, on previous searches. This algorithmic shift, which ostensibly makes commercial search results more relevant to the user, foreshadows upcoming generations of smart-SERPs which take users’ search behavior into account more when targeting paid ads. It’s not hard to imagine scene by scene self-configuring video ads contextually related to a user’s current session and historic inclinations.

Whereas personalized organic search affects only users who are logged in to a Google service like Gmail, the adWords algorithm modification seems to impact sponsored results whether or not the searcher is logged into a Google account.

It’s easy to test for yourself. For instance search for airfare and you’ll see generic airfare sponsored results:

Now search for Minneapolis Hotel. Note that a sponsored airfare ad shows up-NOT a hotel ad:

A new search for airfare returns ads for Minneapolis airfare.3

This has far reaching implications over the long haul.

Danny Sullivan got a hold of this quote from Google which he shared in Sphinn, the hot new SEM community news site.

“What you’re seeing is that we look at the user’s previous query and see how well it intersects with the current query. If it’s significant, we’ll use it to help targeting on the current query. We simply look at what’s in the referring URL (every time you load a web page, the HTTP header includes your previous URL as the “referrer”).”

Personalized Adwords Blog Buzz Posts:
Pieter van Gils | Internet Marketing Evangelist


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