Physician Blogging, Practice Makes Perfect

doctorsWith over 71 million blogs worldwide it’s no surprise that physicians are frequenting blogs and social media sites to exchange ideas, share their lives, seek employment, and connect with each other and patients. A growing number of doctors are participating in the online social media revolution with a wide array of intentions. Also, SEM (Search Marketing) professionals who seek access to the physician-demographic for advertising are finding clever ways to utilize blogging channels.

Cornucopia of Physician Blogs
Physician blogs like Kevin, MD, Family Medicine Notes, Fixin’ Healthcare, and journal Health Affairs cover topics ranging from the crises in medical liability, vaccination theory, medical news, and health care policy. Medical News Feed is a blog and medical news aggregator. Specialized blogs such as Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog, by Len Lichtenfeld, MD, and the Medical Practice Business Blog serve focused physician niche’s.

Getting Creative with Physician Recruitment
Are you looking for a Family Practice job opportunity in a northern resort top 10 dream town? Maybe you’ll find the job in a doctors blog. Hospitals and clinics are learning about blogs for physician recruitment.

Aside from the standard physician employment job listings, here’s a creative case study: First, the American Medical News (AMN) posted a prominent article about radio icon Garrison Keillor’s radio song playfully extolling the virtues of practicing in International Falls, Minnesota. The SMDC Health System (clinic owner) followed with an effort to engage bloggers to help with physician recruitment in their community’s blog centered tourism guide.
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Anonymous Doctor Blogs
Some physician bloggers choose to remain anonymous. The physician behind “Notes from the Country Doctor,” a rural family medicine blog, does not reveal the author’s identity. Another anonymous family physician blogger goes by the pseudonym “Medpundit.”

From the SEM Perspective
From the search marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspectives the blogs have attained various levels of “authority” on the Internet. Top sites garner high keyword rankings in associated searches on Google and Yahoo and generate a lot of inbound links from popular websites like the Health and Science News of the week on and All Business Blog.

Physician Blog List, Part 1:
The following list is excerpted from a wonderful post archiving physician blogs on “Best of Web” (Health: Professions: Physicians).

A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure – Perspective on medical issues from a general surgeon.

Angry Doctor – Singapore based doctor comments on medicine.

Antifaust – Medical links and commentary from a doctor.

Barbados Butterfly – Australian surgical registrar discusses work and offers advice for trainees.

Book of Joe – Medical thoughts and commentary from a physician.

CancerDoc – Oncologist posts thoughts on medicine.

Chronicles of a Medical Mad House – Anecdotes and commentary from a practicing doctor.

Clinical Cases and Images – Blog – Physicians from relating medical, technology and other interesting stories.

Confessions of a Venial Sinner – UK based doctor offers insights into medicine.

DB’s Medical Rants – A general internist writes on medical issues and the medical industry.

Doc Around the Clock – Collection of medical news and opinion.

DoctorMental – Blog from a specialist in diseases of the lung and sleep disorders.

Dr Tony – Community hospital doctor shares his experiences.

Family Medicine Notes – Occasional notes from a family physician.

Fat Doctor – Obese physician reflects on life in the clinic and at home.

GruntDoc – Ramblings of an emergency physician in Texas.

Kevin MD – A practicing primary-care physician discusses health related issues.

KidneyNotes – Notes on medicine, science, and technology from a nephrologist in New York City.

Medpundit – Commentary on medical news by a practicing physician.

Musings Of A Disheartened Doctor – National Health Services doctor comments on medicine.

NHS Blog Doctor – Candid look at health care from an English National Health doctor.

Nip/Fuct – Commentary from a doctor seeking personal satisfaction.

Reflections – Thoughts on medicine from Doctor Bruno.

Straight From the Doc – Healthcare commentary from an internal medicine physician.

The Doctor Is In – Physician looks at medicine, politics, and religion.

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles – Commentary from a young doctor.

What’s New In Plastic Surgery? – Christine A. Hamori, MD. provides news, comments, and opinions.

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