Proprietary Audiences & Masterful Lead Gen! Mathew Sweezey Interviewed


Today, AIMCLEAR‘s Mike Marshall continues his video interview coverage from ClickZ Live in New York. There were so many great speakers and sessions this year, and we were fortunate to catch up with a few different speakers to discuss various industry topics.

Mathew Sweezey, Marketing Evangelist at Salesforce, shared his views on building a proprietary audience. The whole idea behind a proprietary audience is that “you need to be able to reach out to people and not having to keep spending money to engage new people and buy new audiences.” This applies to paid, owned and earned media channels.

Audiences have changed a lot over time, and there are two parts to any audience: the business side and the consumer side. How we acquire our audience is the business side while how the audience engages with us is the consumer side. You can even add a third layer to include the psychology of the audience. Audiences are much more connected than they used to be with the widespread availability of Google, and depending on your industry, can be very niche. Oftentimes, audiences even become a part of your organization and turn into a real asset that you can leverage.

In regards to lead generation, IBM shared the statistic that in the past 2 years, more content has been shared online than in the entire history of the internet. This tells us there are more opportunities to engage with content for our audiences. Break down your content into life cycles and determine what is relevant for yourself and your audience in order to build leads.

Watch the interview below to learn what Mathew has to say about social diversification, and more!

Thanks for the interview, Mathew! Stay tuned as we share additional coverage from ClickZ Live New York.

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