Proudly Announcing #SMX AIMCLEAR® Facebook Marketing Intensive

Facebook has swept the social scene by storm. In just under seven years since its inception, the pulsing community has grown to approach 600 million members, many of whom are ready, willing and even eager to be distracted engaged. This breadth of community managers’ organic reach coupled with, among other things, killer targeting capabilities and comparatively dirt-cheap Facebook Ads CPC  has made this social playground a ridiculously fertile environment for social media marketers hungry for the cutting-edge.

To satiate (or perhaps whet) such marketers’ appetites, we’re extremely proud to announce a full-day training workshop dedicated exclusively to Facebook marketing, in conjunction with the legendary SMX online marketing conference series. Read on for juicy details!

Search Marketing Expo is one of those industry conferences that holds a special place in our calendar’s heart. This year, SMX West will take place March 8-10 in San Jose, CA, to be followed by AIMCLEAR‘s Facebook Marketing Training Intensive on Thursday, March 11. Our own Marty Weintraub will moderate the sessions, joined by a panel of accomplished international Facebook marketers. This super-accelerated full-day event will tackle an array of FB marketing fundamentals, such as…

  • Facebook Site Clinic: Pages, Groups, Events & Search
  • Killer Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Demographic Research
  • Facebook Competitive Intelligence Research
  • Facebook Marketing KPIs
  • Community Manager Training
  • Reputation Monitoring in Facebook

Our mission is to arm attendees with deep, rockstar understanding of how to drive serious, highly-targeting traffic from Facebook by leveraging a lethal combination of sophisticated paid advertising and free, organic tactics. If this sounds like your cup of tea jet-pack of espresso, check out full session descriptions & register to ensure your spot at the table.

The AIMCLEAR 2011 calendar is already brimming with national & international industry seminars, expos, and summits galore… this new course we’re charting across the conference landscape has really got us stoked. To be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful search marketers, sharing brain-chow with an audience, churning out live-coverage for readers, mingling with friends old & new– all set against the backdrop of enchanting cities from San Fran to Toronto, Portland to Manhattan, London to Sydney– is there anything sweeter?

Stay tuned in the AIMCLEAR blog for our Q1 & Q2 conference agenda, a pretty rad blend of familiar favorites & exciting new events. In the mean time, we’re stoked to announce this new course we’re charting across the industry conference landscape, the Facebook Marketing Training Intensive workshop.

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