Psychographic Targeting for Realistic Revenue: AIMCLEAR Brings Popular Workshop to MSP


Ah, Minnesota. Land of 10,000 brilliant marketers. OK, maybe not 10,000. But with the likes of 17 Fortune 500 companies and thousands of SMBs, that number’s gotta be sizeable. And it’s why we concluded, when planning the location of our psychographic targeting workshops, there’s no place like home. Minneapolis/St. Paul marketers, this one’s for you!


AIMCLEAR will bring its full-day intensive, Profit! Psychographic Targeting for Realistic Revenue in America & Beyond, to St. Paul in conjunction with MnSearch Summit. Join us on Thursday, June 22 — the day before the conference — at AIMCLEAR‘s Lowertown St. Paul home. Learn how to use social psychographic targeting data integrated with search to sell more stuff, generate more leads, earn more media, cause more brand search and amplify PR. Register via MnSearch, but be quick about it! Space is limited. Read on for a peek at the agenda.

What the heck is targeting now, anyway?

Marketers in America have it easy. The U.S. has a massive population of residents with diverse demographics, interests, activities, opinions, affinities, proclivities and the like that makes targeting precise audiences possible.

Meanwhile, marketers in countries with much smaller populations have no choice but to be creative in building intent-based psychographic targeting segments for leads, sales and successful multi-touch audience nurture. We could learn a thing or two from our international counterparts…

Attend Profit! Psychographic Targeting for Realistic Revenue in America & Beyond to rekindle targeting creativity lost, understand the U.S. data that’s available and discover scalable targeting strategies to improve the performance of your social advertising and content marketing efforts.

Join nationally recognized speakers Marty Weintraub, Merry Morud and Megan Taggart for a no-holds-barred shredding session uncovering:

  • U.S. data that most obviously portends B2C sales intent
  • B2B targeting hacks to amplify success for new and old economy firms
  • Targeting proxies for use in low-data situations or for specific clarity
  • Influencer data to drive media coverage, earn links, support SEO and deliver other quantifiable brand growth
  • Radical audience analysis methods to profile site visitors and email lists
  • Creative considerations

Integrating search and social

This isn’t just a social psychographic targeting clinic. We’ll connect the dots to search, showing you how to merge search and social psychographic traffic to create a compound list using filtered follow and recapture. Want more integration and remarketing goodies? We’ll dish the deets on:

  • List segmentation: finding the intersection of specificity and volume
  • Beat them over the head vs. list duration, frequency capping and burn action mojo
  • Sequenced ad messaging for engaged site and social users
  • Advanced cross-channel retargeting against multi-channel funnels
  • Understanding where RLSA fits into the buying cycle
  • How to measure the true value of a list

The workshop features a targeting clinic in which Marty, Merry and Megan take on attendees’ targeting riddles; attendees can receive a summary of targeting generated during the clinic. As an added bonus, all attendees will receive an audience data import for Facebook Power Editor, which we’re told is worth the price of admission itself.

If you’re free on Thursday, June 22, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., sign up today! If not, sign up anyway and get out of whatever it is you’ve got going on. We look forward to hosting you in our St. Paul office. 612 + 651 = <3

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