Psychographic Targeting & Neuromarketing Workshop! Luck be a #Pubcon Attendee

Reaching the right audience and converting them into customers is a matter of mining the human psyche, not luck. And it doesn’t take a psych degree to crank your conversion rate. If you’re heading to Las Vegas for Pubcon, leave the rabbit’s foot at home, and saddle up for some psychographic science at the Pubcon Masters Group Training. Join AIMCLEAR‘s Marty Weintraub and Roger Dooley of Dooley Direct at the Psychographic Targeting and Neuromarketing workshop.

Tackle audience targeting

Performance-driven marketers know there’s multiple audiences they need to drive to their sites. Current and potential customers are the obvious ones. There’s also regulators, community members, potential employees, investors, media…the list goes on. Just about any persona can be clearly defined and reached through the power of social PPC and psychographic display; Marty will show you how to do it.

Learn how to research and deploy psychographic targeting with mind-bendingly precise combinations. No matter who your audience is — politicians with paradoxical proclivities, B2B technology buyers, broad swaths of the population, nurses in a tiny geographical boundary, left-handed basket weavers — you can find and send awesomely focused traffic to your website (on the CHEAP) for conversion, refined retargeting, content marketing, SEO and friendship.

Transcendent targeting is the first step. The next is generating messages that resonate. Marty will teach you to craft heart-touching, soul-stroking, wallet-opening creative that injects cultivated audiences DEEP into your sales funnel, generates attributable conversions, drives awareness among influencers and media, and spawns links and social signals. He’ll also show you what to do with those audiences once they’re on your site via advanced visitor data management. Boss needs budget justification? Marty will give your KPIs the storytelling life you need! He’ll cover key metrics that form the foundation for powerhouse reporting.

Crack the unconscious mind

News flash: Only about 5 percent of our decisions and actions are born of the conscious mind. So why do marketers focus on rational factors such as features, benefits and price? Roger posits that we need to tap into the other 95 percent of cognitive activity to sell more and spend less.

Does your marketing include nonconscious cues and “invisible” friction that’s tanking your conversion rate? Are you making a critical but subtle UX error? Find out during this fascinating look at the intersection of neuroscience and marketing. You’ll learn the two modes of your customers’ brains, how to sell to each and how to write copy that accomplishes the task.

Roger’s presentation is brimming with powerful brain-based hacks, as well as methods to reach the unconscious mind. Wording and image choices, for example, can make the difference between conversion and bounce. Roger will teach attendees the six simple design changes that can result in a conversion rate spike at little to no cost. Harness the secrets of psychology to boost results, increase profits and hike ROI.

Secure your spot NOW

Marty + Roger = a dynamic duo you CANNOT MISS. Learn from the pioneers of psychographic targeting and neuromarketing in one place: The Pubcon Masters Group Training, an optional add-on to the three-day social media and optimization conference. The intensive full-day workshop features seven simultaneous tracks from which attendees can choose, as well as an opening presentation from Outspoken Media’s Rhea Drysdale.

Pubcon is all about options — there’s 10 tracks on days 1 and 2 of the conference! — but you won’t have to decide which workshop to attend now. You can choose on site and even switch between workshops at any time, a nice perk of the Masters Group Training. You will, however, need to act fast to secure your spot. Space is limited and the workshop day sells out quickly, so REGISTER NOW! You’ll need a Platinum All-Access Pass (which includes the workshop plus all Pubcon sessions and events) or the Masters Group Training Workshops pass to attend the Psychographic Targeting and Neuromarketing intensive.

Pubcon takes place October 11-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Masters Group Training is held the day before the full conference kicks off, Monday, October 10. We hope to see you in Sin City!

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