Reader’s Choice Search Marketing Resources

The Online Marketing Blog has gone and done it again with a terrific snapshot of the SEM, SMO, SEO landscape from inside the industry.

“Whether it’s deciding what the best sources of information on search marketing are to the most important skills for practicing search engine optimization, these polls offer a glimpse of what’s on the minds of our appreciated readers and possibly the search marketing industry at large.”
Lee Odin

In the post TopRank shares data mined by asking weekly quesions in readers polls where the following topics were queried over time:

  • What do you do when you can’t think of something or you’re not motivated to blog?
  • What kind of social media do you personally use most often?
  • What conference has been the best for gaining “how to”
  • SEO/SEM knowledge?
  • What is your favorite SEO/PPC Forum?
  • Which is the most useful online marketing discussion list?
  • Name your top non-standard search engine online marketing channel.
  • What is the most popular non-SEO service you provide to SEO clients?
  • What type of SEO skill is most important?
  • Which Print Magazine Covers Search Marketing the Best?

The results make valuable reading.

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