Rebroadcast Is the New Black

I ♥ these!
photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage

Rebroadcast is the new black. Retweets and Facebook-shares are the ultimate friend-sends, essential like her black pumps, Coach clutch, velvet gloves and grandmother’s vintage pearls…same as it ever was.

The future of the filter is insight by crowdsourcing conversations, literally anywhere humans congregate and chatter. Plug into new the new demographic research riddle to choose colorful buzz pockets, to mine relevant conversations on 3-keyword grids.

Rebroadcast remarkable content found, into laser focused people-threads. Once trusted (when the time is truly right) release your own precious content to the Zen collective waves, like a like coursing dolphins.

It’s a miracle to watch others rebroadcast your message again, then again, and agan.Rebroadcast is the new black, the millennial meet and great, crucial to maintaining permanent and transient collections of friends, acquaintances and family. Not having a personal social distribution network is SO last year…

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