Retargeting, YouTube & Tricks of the Trade! Catch Manny Rivas at #SMXLondon


The editor of Prentice Hall Business Books was wrong, but it was also 1957 so we’ll cut him some slack. Data processing is more than a fad – it’s where retargeting was born.


Speaking of being born, how do you think Target can estimate an expectant mother’s due date and send coupons timed to her pregnancy stages? Data processing and retargeting! And guess what: It works!  AIMCLEAR‘s Online Advertising Director, Manny Rivas, is at SMX London this week to talk about whether Target is being creepy or helpful and what goes into a successful retargeting campaign.

Tuesday, May 13:  3:45-4:45 manny-rivas

Retargeting works when it’s built on psychographic and/or contextual retargeting. If you get this wrong, your campaign will fall flat. Manny’s Tuesday afternoon session, Pro-Level Tips for Succeeding at Retargeting, will examine the retargeting funnel to show you how to put the right data in front of the right people at the moment when they’re ready to convert.

Covering YouTube native remarketing, getting social in the Google Display Network and Facebook native retargeting, this is the session for industry professionals looking to take their remarketing efforts to the next level.


Wednesday, May 14:  2:15 – 3:15

Marketers would be remiss to not test YouTube ads as a viable channel. Manny’s session on YouTube Success Stories will break down tactical strategies for giving your content the ammunition it needs to live a long and prosperous online life. Attend this session for all you need to know about optimizing in YouTube, real-life case studies, and the ad unit flavors YouTube puts at your fingertips.

Don’t be intimidated! The same tactics apply on YouTube that you use in the rest of your online marketing wizardry. Search vs. contextual. Ongoing optimization. Conversion tracking. Remarketing. It’s all there. Drive users to your mothership with CTA overlays, InVideo display ads, and more ingredients of the secret sauce for YouTube success.

If you see Manny in London this week, say hello or stop by one of the sessions he’ll be speaking at! Hope to see you there!

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