Revving Up #SESSF: Opening Keynote Live Tweets

Hi, hello and welcome to #SESSF, aka Search Engine Strategies San Francisco! Day 1 started off with a kickass keynote by Kodak’s former “Celebrity CMO,” Jeffrey Hayzlett. Conference attendees who might have seen Jeff rev up crowds at various #140conf (140 Character Conference) events in the past were fully expecting a presentation dripping with animation, insight, and a fresh dose of mild vulgarity. Jeff did not disappoint. This go-round, AIMCLEAR live-tweeted the keynote. Read on for a transcript of the goods– lumped together by categories, themes and takeaways.

Getting Geared Up:

  • Start it up, man! RT @JeffreyHayzlett: The room is full– about 1000 for the #SESSF keynote— let’s roll!
  • Front row #SESSF with @Matt_Peterson, ready for @JeffreyHayzlett’s opening keynote. @aimclear team, we miss you!
  • Bloggers in Germany apparently call @JeffreyHayzlett the “Chuck Norris” of marketing ;) #sessf
  • Wow. feisty “Winds of Change” video about Kodak thrusting itself into social media rather than ignoring it #SESSF
  • We start the morning with a “revival” – @JeffreyHayzlett’s got us givin’ an AMEN for search! #SESSF
  • RT @Matt_Peterson: @jeffreyhayzlett ‘s preaching, sorry we sound like a bunch of Lutherans. #SESSF

Jeff On Integrating Social Media into Business Models:

  • You have to do the Proof of Life test- you have to decide, “What business are you in?”
  • “Passion is not a substitute for planning”
  • “Pheasants are not forever” [aka: your passion will only get you so far…]

On Patience & Attention Spans:

  • “The new elevator pitch”  [they’ve turned into 30 pg ppt presentations – have to slim
    down! solution: 118]
  • 8 seconds is avg attention span of a human being. 110 seconds is avg time of an elevator ride. you have 118 seconds to hook people
  • “Big Macs are worth the wait” – you hafta set clear conditions of satisfaction (COS)

On Revving Up Your Customers & Inspiring Engagement:

  • As marketers, you should CAUSE TENSION – take people from the center of the table, push them to the edge.

Eliminating Your Company’s Weakest Link:

  • You can only move as fast as your lowest common denominator.
  • “Be who you are – we love you, but we’ll miss you” [You are the weakest link… goodbye!]

Make Mistakes!

  • You can make mistakes, it’s okay. and if you’re gonna make them, make them BIG.
  • No one is going to die, no matter what risk you take when it comes to social media.

Allowing Your Brand To Evolve:

  • Kodak had a TOTAL SHIFT from traditional to digital, from B2C to B2B
  • 1/2 of Kodak’s products are new in the last two years
  • Brand Transformation – shifting view, old vs. new… remake products, redesign products so they look COOL.

Back to Basics:

  • “Most companies do their best when they get back to their core.”
  • “Think about the core of your brand structure.”

Be A Real Person (Er… Brand):

  • Inject personality into your brand – April 1st, Kodak announced the eyeCamera! wink & shoot functionality! facial recall! Aroma-tography! Wow-wee! #joke
  • Get SOCIAL – live by the 4 Es: Engage, Educate, Excite, Evangelize.
  • Social media is a TOOL, not a destination.
  • If you educate the community, they will educate you. [consumer feedback from *tweets* !]

Invest in the Art of Listening:

  • Kodak hired a CLO – Chief Listening Officer 😉
  • CLO acts like an air traffic controller – routes brand-mention tweets to different departments within Kodak

The Reality of Social Media & its Reach:

  • Social penetration, new numbers – FB = 500 mil users, Twitter has 40+ mil, 15.5 active blogs, global penetration 500k new people/day.
  • Old ROI = return on investment. new ROI = return on ignoring.
  • People are tired of dialing 800 numbers for customer service. People want to be heard, they want to participate.
  • Kodak held a contest for naming a new product – 28,000 suggestions in a day1!

On Letting the Social Media Team Be Who They Are:

  • “Creative people should never have to compromise on what they do or how they deliver their vision.”

Thinking About Your Product Differently…

  • Talking to people about “emotional technology” is much different than talking to people about camera.
  • RT @Matt_Peterson: @jeffreyhayzlett “We have the only product people would run back into a burning building to save.”
  • “People don’t take pictures, they capture memories, moments.”Aw!

That about does it for the #SESSF opening keynote. Saddle up with us tomorrow morning for Wednesday’s AM keynote!


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