RIPPER Insights from Day 2 — #SMS2016 Search Marketing Summit

Day two of Search Marketing Summit in Sydney, Australia came after a night of cruising around Sydney Harbour. Conference attendees mingled with local and international speakers while sipping local brews and taking in all the spectacular displays that Vivid Festival had to offer. The second day was all about user experience, landing pages, and nurturing leads; and what that means in a mobile environment. From an hour long Q&A with a Google Trends Analyst to Tim Ash reviewing attendees’ landing pages in real-time, #SMS2016 was formed around what the marketer wants and NEEDS to know.

Embracing Lead Inequality

After a morning roundtable with Aussie big-hitters from Finder and Mindshare Australia, SMSers split off on a Local & Mobile or Next Gen track. First up for the latter was David Lawrence of The Web Showroom. Lawrence proclaimed not all leads are created (or nurtured) equally and marketers must adjust for the disparity.

Lawrence offered 11 ways to identify and improve lead quality, on a quest to convert all leads into Larry Kim’s mythical unicorns (see Day One). The highlights below:

  1. Quality is not fixed – Every step is different and can influence a donkey lead to take on a unicorn’s path or heaven-forbid take a unicorn down a donkey’s bumpy terrain. Treat every interaction as an opportunity to improve quality.
  2. You need a framework – Don’t get lost in the digital sea of tactics. Define a process first and drive through tactics with the process in mind.
  3. KNOW your data – by trusting the source. Audit Google Analytics early and often to ensure data accuracy and validity.
  4. Think like a marketer – Keep your focus away from shiny tech objects by asking yourself what you do and who do you do it for.
  5. Evolve Constantly.
  6. Integrate! (No, SRSLY) Sales and Marketing need to work together — as much as you integrate marketing efforts, integrate your internal team culturally. Customers and the company will benefit from a shared knowledge base.

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