Shhh! Duluth Social Media Marketing Conference Planned By Business Leaders

You heard it here first! The Duluth Chamber of Commerce is about to announce an ambitious three track social media marketing conference. “Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference 2012, Tips, Tools, Tactics, & Beyond,” will be held May 23, in multiple locations in our beautiful city. (Registration Link) Here’s a cool secret: The agenda was sequenced by AIMCLEAR and we’re importing a number of our accomplished colleagues to set the speaking roster’s tone. You’ll find the agenda here.

Yep, we’ll have an impressive sampling of the illuminating panelists you’ve see us presenting aside at international conferences over the years, and now they’re coming to the Zenith City.  Watch AIMCLEAR Blog in coming days as speakers are announced.  All proceeds go to benefit Duluth’s Chamber of Commerce’s business outreach programs. Local businesses are digging deep to sponsor this event, including incredible hotel room offers and other perks. Get it?

OMG, The Speakers!
The conference will feature local experts and experienced speakers from around the world, representing B2B and B2C companies of all sizes and agencies including Siemens, SEOmoz, 3M, Mall Of America, Dorsey and Whitney and Channel Intelligence. Panels will be manned (and wo-manned) by marketers with extensive experience working accounts of all sizes including Martha Stewart Omni, The Washington Post, Angie’s List,, SecondLife, Victaulic, John Wayne Cancer Center and many others- SMBs to Fortune 500 clients. The illustrious roster of orators will also sport multiple major label authors whose credentials include current best sellers in online marketing business book space.

For a local conference, the quality is high.  There’s something very valuable here for social media marketers at all levels. Registering for the conference amounts to a great value, a program designed to empower Duluth and Twin Cities business folk. Northern Minnesota marketers, time to represent! Twin Cities marketers: Let’s burn up 35W North and have a serious tweetup!

There are many other reasons to come other than AIMCLEAR. Attendees will be treated to cutting-edge-relevant social media marketing curriculum. We’re proud to announce that the “Advanced Track” will be hosted in AIMCLEAR‘s beautiful Superior St. office and there will be networking opportunities galore.

Full Contact Keynote
The day will kick off with a spirited keynote, “Gut Check! Setting Realistic Social Media Marketing Goals.” Join our panel of battle hardened social media experts representing businesses of various sizes, from local-guerilla SMBs to humongous multi-nationals, as our panelists discuss business social media marketing initiatives in realistic terms. Learn what social media marketing channels and tactics are worth investing in (as evidenced by revenue & failure), what the “real” social media ROI is, and how to avoid classic money-pit disasters.  This keynote, promises to cause ripples in your morning coffee, with takeaways for all comers.

Three Awesome Tracks
Attendees can choose from offerings and move between three kick-butt tracks. The “Boot Camp Track” will nourish the ambitions of enthusiastic social marketing newbies, covering crucial fundamentals like, “How Does Social Media Fit & What Should We Do First?,“Fundamentals Of Reputation Monitoring & Community Management” and “Tools Of The Trade: The Social Media Marketer’s Toolkit Essentials.” Wow!

The “Channels “Track” will take a deeper tactical dive into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube marketing. This track also covers essential social media analytics and “SloMo,” the explosive mashup of social, local and mobile online marketing. “Measuring Social Media & Other Haystack Needles!” will take a comprehensive look measuring the ROI of social media.

Don’t miss the Social Media & The Law Round Table. Uptight about social media? In a regulated industry? Are you afraid of getting sued because employees are effectually running your public relations?  If you are, it’s with cause. The social media road is paved with potential legal danger. Though it’s still the Wild West out there, case law is quickly being made. Join our attorney panelists for an informal round table to discuss these and other pressing legal issues of the day. IMHO, this one’s worth the cost of admission in itself.

The Advanced Track, as mentioned, will be hosted at AIMCLEAR‘s stunning new office.
This track is recommended for experienced marketers who want to sharpen their social skills.  You won’t want to miss, “Killer Social Ads! Research, Test, Measure, Dominate” For cutting-edge marketers, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube represent fertile fields for deadeye contextual advertising, display ads, branding and conversions. Join our panel of front line speakers for a crash course in social PPC marketing focusing on each channel’s fundamental strengths, “whole user” demographic targeting, and advanced campaign management hacks.

Other Advanced Track offerings include “Progressive Content Marketing In Your Face” and “Social Copywriting Secrets!  The Incredible, Edible Snippet.” The “Social Media Marketing “Live” Clinic” will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact directly with speakers to mine panelists’ immediate feedback on attendees’ social media profiles, real-time.

Academic Ties
Conferences passes will be given to professors and worthy students, representing all of our regions fine academic institutions, as well as our storied Center for Economic Development (CED).  The Zenith Social Media Conference is dedicated to empowerment over profit. AIMCLEAR has six employees that were educated locally. We can vouch for the fact that supporting the marketing education programs of our universities is a great investment.

Be There Or Be Squared 🙂
It’s hard to believe but the Duluth Chamber has set early bird pricing for this this gem of a one-day educational shindig at $149 for Duluth Chamber members and $199 for non-Chamber members. Don’t delay, because the price goes up substantially after the early bird expires. Group discounts are available and registration includes continental breakfast, lunch and admission to the after party! So if you’re ready to go, head on over and Register to cash in on the early bird. We’re proud to be associated with such an important effort, and our grateful to the conference’s other Premiere Sponsor, Charter Communications and Creative Partner, Swim Creative.   This is truly national fare at local-opportunity pricing. We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for additional announcements.


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