Search Engine Strategies Changed My Life

ses-nyc-2008Search Engine Strategies New York, March 17-20 2008, looms large on the Horizon as a vanguard of venerable search marketing conferences. It will be packed with SEMs, SEOs, PR folks, hard core pay per click gurus, experts, social media evangelists, and other talented international ambassadors of search. If you’re reading this blog, you should be there too.

New York City is easily my favorite place, a symphony of sounds, activity, aromas; a world class crucible of ethnicity melded into modern American culture. I can’t think of a more lovely venue to spend a week in March than the New York Hilton.

For Career & Life
The career impact of my first SES conference was astronomical and literally changed my life. Much of what I learned validated tactics and techniques I already practiced for years. However, my eyes were opened to a vital community which, over the coming years, would become my professional home-an inexhaustible resource of practitioners who have become friends. Attend SES to gain enhanced raw ability to deliver thoughtful and effective marketing to your company and clients.

Total Immersion

An SES show is total immersion-a kaleidoscope of fundamentals and forward thinking. I’ll never forget my first one. At SES Chicago 2006, the “SEM Firm Track” included practical information for working with clients, traditional agencies, business models and contracts. I drank it up. Wow! I wasn’t even blogging yet, but took 6 full pages of notes on my Treo. Little did I know what was in store. “I” became “we.” “We” became “AIMCLEAR.”

Some things have changed since 2006. Others are remarkably the same. Search Engine Strategies remains a respected institution for search marketing professionals.After Chicago 2006, I remember clearly thinking “these are the most amazing people I’ve ever met.” The experience was incredibly stimulating and I literally could not sleep during and after.

SES New York 2008 is coming up fast. It will be packed with SEM agency types, in-house teams, bloggers, beginners, and experienced hands. If you’re reading this blog, you should be there too.

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