Search Marketing: More Than the Internet

“Search” Is Not Just About The Internet anymore. Search means people actively looking for things, no matter where they go to do so. Whether our audience is reading the newspaper in the barber’s office or social bookmarking a website on technorati, to know precisely what people search for, the words they use to ask, and how often they seek gives us powerful insight in every communications channel.

A Contextual Revolution
Search Marketing is arguably the most relevant development in the history of communication since the spoken word. Customers’ interests, behaviors, and inclination to congregate in communities are now measurable and can be targeted. The ROI of marketing, advertising, and PR tactics on the Internet is measurable. Search Metrics data is immediately transferable to traditional “brick” channels. Meanwhile those channels are being rolled into the Internet, the origin of search marketing values.

This is SO Much More Important than the Internet. Understanding the interests and behaviors of target audiences is crucial when crafting any message disseminated in any channel whether Internet, broadcast media, print, or other traditional channels.

The SEO Ethic
The underlying ethics of search marketing are essential to assimilate as all channels fold into Internet and mobile search. Communications professionals must adapt thier methods or risk becoming irrelevant over time for lack of understanding of emerging channels.

Top 6 Reasons to Engage a Search Marketing Firm

To facilitate your team in making your website discoverable for keywords that matter to your customers relating to your services

To advise your marketing and PR campaigns in “traditional” communication channels with customer interest and behavior metrics

To assist your strategic and tactical processes by informing your team regarding rapidly evolving “brick and click” hybrid communication paradigms.

To inform your team regarding essential developments in Internet channels

To augment your multi-channel communications campaigns by offering additional channels and tactics to cast a wider net
To support building systems to track ROI for paid Internet marketing expenditures.

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