SearchFest 2013: AIMCLEAR Keynote + Tasty #Facebook Ads Tips + Live Interview!

Wowwie, 2013 has just begun and already our cherished conference calendar is brimming with a smorgasbord of super-exciting events. We got the ball rolling SearchFest 2013, hosted by SEMpdx!

Marty-WeintraubAIMCLEAR‘s own Marty Weintraub is keynoting the main event, hosted at the fabulous Governor Hotel. Who Gets The Marketing Cheese? A Survivalists Guide To Remaining Relevant: How Do We Fit All THIS In Our Marketing Mix? kicks off the day at 8:30 am (PST, mind you). The afternoon will bring AIMCLEARian Merry Morud to the stage, who will present alongside Adam Berke ( on Facebook Advertising.

Merry-MorudPrior to the show, Merry is sitting down with Lisa Peyton, Executive Editor TMMPDX.COM, for lil Q&A coming atcha live thanks to Google+. Yay, hangouts! (To watch, go here: Viewers at home can tweet questions to Merry using the #tmmTV hashtag. Tune in Thursday, January 24 at 6:45 CST for a sneak peek at her SearchFest preso and all the juicy Facebook marketing tips you can handle!


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