Sweet Jerusalem, AIMCLEAR To Speak At #SMX Israel 2013

Ah, Jerusalem, sparkling city of the ages, it’s scintillating to return to your cobblestone streets. You can take the man out of Israel but you can’t take Israel out of the man. The experience of speaking, even being, in Jerusalem is superlative and, in some ways, beyond compare.

Online marketing is like Jerusalem– a living, ever-evolving mashup of old an new. Each January, search marketing journalist and impresario, Barry Schwartz, hosts the premier Middle Eastern online marketing conference here in this city, holy to so many. SMX Israel is a swirling packed-house bustling with activity, steeped in thought leadership, international flair and laced with deep tactical edges.

Like the venerable host city, nobody pulls punches here at SMX. There are no platitudes or fluff. Liken SMX Israel to an industrial pilgrimage for those who care enough to risk the journey and reap the rewards. The conference takes place January 6 and is sold out.

I’ll have the privilege of speaking on two panels this year. The first is Keyword Research & Content Development, along with Mark Ginsberg and Julia Logan. My presentation is about a fairly radical (and über effective) technique, excavating “social tail” keywords for SEO and PPC using Scrapebox. Later in the day I’ll participate in the Facebook and Social Ads panel, joined by Adam Tal and David Mark. I’ll tackle Facebook Ads ROI by way of direct response ads for lead generation, sales, and content promotion.

The speaker lineup is impressive, featuring a number of fantastic Israeli talents including Gil Reich, Gab Goldenberg, and Miriam Schwab. Other Americans making the journey include our friends Aaron Friedman and Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas. John Mueller of Google Switzerland will keynote, which should be a treat.

Jerusalem is an amazing setting for an online marketing conference. We’re literally steps away from the old city.

Jerusalem is a holy place to a number of global religions. It’s amazing to even be here.

It is said, “Next year in Jerusalem.” For those lucky enough to attend SMX Israel, next year is here… and so am I. Safe travels everybody, and may peace be with you.

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