Selling Luxury To Rich Online Buyers! Weekly Psychographic Hot House

Welcome to our new series, AIMCLEAR‘s “Weekly Psychographic Hot House.” On Thursdays we’ll publish a tasty targeting tidbit to serve as an example of layered social psychographic data.  We’ll share from either Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google audiences and a couple of dozen other data services. While example targeting will relate to various verticals, the thinking behind our examples is totally exportable to other products, services and marketplaces.

For the week of 18.June.2015, our Hot House targeting hack is about selling expensive luxury items to wealthy consumers with indicative brand affinities, money to burn and a history of buying online. The persona is rooted in purchase behavior. Facebook has access to this data via partnership with Epsilon. SO, we start with Facebook users in households with many lifetime online purchases. The source is aggregated, multi-sourced offline transaction-based data. Our experience shows this data portends online sales.


Next, add the following targeting features:

  • Use the interest bucket to denote specific luxury brands which may be symbiotic with the product you’re selling. This, of course, includes your own brand.  We’re illustrating the concept with Rolex brand products. We could have included competitive brands as well.  Customize this targeting for YOUR product by the brands chosen in the interest bucket. 
  • Restrict targeting to high income users. In this case, over 100K
  • Add in another layer of economic qualification. There is a fairly new preset targeting attribute under More Demographics / Financial / Net worth called “Liquid net worth.” These folks not only have net worth but also have cash sitting around… perhaps ready for retail action.
  • Setting the age is optional, dependent on the product you’re selling


The reach here is over 6,000 users. Coming at luxury sales from this perspective usually yields plenty of scale.  Make segments larger or smaller by adding/subtracting brands, age, tightening or loosening economic filtering of liquid net worth and income.

Happy psychographic luxury sales everyone. See you next week!

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