musicI’m just back from 2 days off along lovely Lake Superior, the greatest of the United States great lakes. Time by the big lake and with my family always leaves me feeling perspective and poetic. I spent a lot of time thinking about work and the growth of our company.

Some of our readers are aware of AIMCLEAR‘s musical background and have asked why the last decade has been about search engine optimization instead of hit records. It is for those questioning friends and family that I offer the following explanatory prose. It’s a deviation from the normal topical material of this blog and we hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow we’ll be back to our usual fare, SEM perspective and practices. Today we’ll wax nostalgic.

SEO is Like Music.

I love SEO as much as music. The two are actually quite similar. The ebb and flow of organic, social, and paid tactic-play is like songs; both linear and non linear at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, music is so incredibly sweet. Musicians react to melody, moment, and each other like lovers intertwined within song framework. For much of my life, I’ve been music first and conducting key research into life itself. SEO is all of that and more.

SEM is Art.
We paint colorful pictures with traffic, feeling green buzz-pocket-community analytic flow. Technology feeding machines keep commerce flowing Tactics tail like dolphins coursing cathedral blue waters. “dolphins, miami dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, island of the blue dolphins, pictures of dolphins, nfl Miami, dolphins, dolphin cds so says Trellian. Perhaps some negative keywords are in order.

SMO is Like Writing a Song
Left to right, melody dances counterpoint with bass string variables. Sing a song of linkbait. Landing page tests and Google-optimized ad rotation. Non-patterns within patterns birth rock star status producer engineers, online blog powered media rooms, and spirit guides. Now and more, personalized cut-lists are the universal results. Social media mirrors physical life. What do you feel? What do you know?

SEO is like Music
SEM recording artists write songs with footprints and shifting sand tracks on another perfect Duluth day. Fewer notes are more, except when to overwhelm with volume casts a wider net. Music and SEO are tension and release passion plays in the rabbit hole. SEO is music that pleases, entertains, and feeds families with flash. I love SEO even more than music. They are actually quite similar.

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