Paid Search (also called PPC) has been around a long time, but your strategy shouldn’t look that way.

Search signals what the user wants, but how a brand delivers it is what will stand out.

AIMCLEAR has helped brands pull ahead of the pack for years in both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. We go beyond just what happens in the paid search channel to create deeper experiences across other platforms by integrating paid search into your overall paid marketing plan.

Part of that means driving the right users and the best experiences. Here’s how we partner with clients to ensure with hit the mark:

PPC User Experience

Ad copy must immediately tell the user “I understand what you’re looking for” and the page they go to has to deliver. We evaluate the entire user journey to make sure the whole machine works the way it should.

PPC Keyword Research

We go beyond the obvious to study things like what keywords your competitors bid on, how they address their customers in ad copy, and where the weak points are that can let you take the lead.

Ad Copywriting

Our belief and love for dynamic, verticalized creative runs deep. We don’t just slap some obvious text ads up and call it a day.

Ads are crafted with testing in mind, addressing the pain point triggers that let your users know you have the solution they’re (literally) searching for.

Landing Page Testing & CRO

The last thing we want is to waste money be driving qualified users via great ad copy to a site that doesn’t deliver.

Our years of knowledge and experience are put to work for you in crafting landing page structures and copy that fulfill one major goal: to convert your traffic into customers.

Search Remarketing

We help brands harness the power of the audience data Google already has. Every search campaign is evaluated for applicable audiences and their behaviors on-site to maximize your bidding strategy.

Reach out to us and let us know how we can partner with you to create eye-catching, high-converting customer acquisition and branding campaigns.