The meteoric rise of paid social is a rocket ship AIMCLEAR has been on since the beginning.

We made our mark in Facebook Ads, and have been relentless in the pursuit and belief that social advertising is one of the best options for reaching users who are the perfect audience.

Facebook Ads

What used to be an easy, cheap way to drive sales and leads is now an enterprise-level platform that requires a savvy and strategic mind to succeed.

Facebook Ad costs have risen, competition for creative is stiff, and brands can struggle to compete in way that makes sense for their media dollar.

Our long history with Facebook Ads means we always know what’s happening, what features to use, and what creative methods are working well.

In other words, you start off ten steps ahead.

Twitter Ads

Targeted users, hashtags, and all kinds of deep psychographic targeting still exist on Twitter. Being in the moment and part of the conversation is the strength of the Promoted Tweet strategy.

LinkedIn Ads

The high stakes of LinkedIn ad costs means expertise at the starting line will save you money. The B2B targeting on LinkedIn is unparalleled, but it takes nuanced understanding of the ad units and goals to make the most of your media dollars.


Confused about whether you should be there? Unsure how to target, and make your ad blend seamlessly with the particular flavor of TikTok ads? Our experimentation and knowledge of the platform will help you make sure any effort you put into it is done the right way.


You can’t apply the same strategy to Snapchat that you would to a Facebook user or a Twitter one. What are the differences? We know! From platform quirks to targeting the psychographics of its younger users, we help you nail your creative and your targeting so you move nimbly to the younger generation without missing a beat.


Users have questions – Quora lets you provide value in the form of answers that double as ad real estate. A boondoggle for products that service needs and answer questions, Quora Ads can play a smart and less-tapped avenue for your ad strategy.

Reach out to us and let us know how we can partner with you to create eye-catching, high-converting customer acquisition and branding campaigns.