Our process melds big data competitive gap analysis, true psychographic persona modeling, contemporary marketing strategy, deadeye creative and psychographic omnichannel distribution to connect clients with the right audience.

AIMCLEAR‘s team includes some of the world’s top marketers who are constantly refining the skill set methodology critical to connecting companies with qualified customers. It’s an art, it’s a science — it works.

Psychographic & Big Data Targeting

Our psychographic Targeting model focuses on uncovering the zen of whole customer persona modeling. What does that mean?

Psychographic variables are any attributes connecting users’ personalities, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyle. Some refer to this as IAO (interests, activities and opinion). These variables complement and contrast classic demographic variables (gender and age), behavior attributes (loyalty and using habits) and firmographic variables (industry, seniority and functional area).

All of these variables help us connect companies to customers who will find their content — and products — valuable to their lives and professions. It just makes sense. Rather than throwing ads about high-end minivans to a broad audience that includes a whole lot of people who don’t care, we target those who will — and use psychographic layered targeting to find them.

This approach is utilized throughout social and search channels — paired with bleeding edge creative that speaks directly to our personas’ desires, interests and needs. It’s a formula built for success.

Psychographic & Big Data Retargeting

Internet-wide targeting, as most marketers think about it today, is about wide-open following. All site visitors who touch certain pages and don’t convert are followed wherever they go on the Internet. As powerful as site touch/follow technology is, it’s actually pretty limited (meaning elementary because ALL traffic to the page is followed).

We work smarter than that.

Why retarget everyone who visited a page on a site? If given the option, why not filter who sees retargeting ads? Of course, the ability to filter retargeting is always contingent on the scale.

We build Google remarketing lists, which essentially filter which visitors are followed by analytic and other behavioral data. Google’s remarketing concept is much deeper than wide open retargeting services because we can add another layer of criteria. Fewer users are followed and less impressions tendered. Less clicks means lower cost, but far more focused re-visitors when remarketing is used properly.

Internet-wide, cutting-edge retargeting platforms offer psychographic filters for internet-wide retargeting. In fact, most of the targeting data can also be used to filter retargeting. Like targeting, retargeting filters can be stacked using either the AND or OR operators.

Would an online travel sales website prefer to target EVERY visitor that almost booked a hotel room online, or only individuals with a history of using premium credit cards for internet purchase and destination travel intent? Would a binoculars store prefer to retarget every visitor that bailed on the shopping cart, or filter out individuals with bad credit, while focusing on people with a competitor’s brand affinity?

We utilize data services from the top global sources. We qualify users layer-by-layer to really qualify. We qualify financially with a number of data services, including TransUnion and Experian.

We use big data to psychographically connect companies with the customers we know crave their services and need their products. It just works.