SES San Jose 2009, Deep Content & New Friends

AIMCLEAR‘s coverage of SearchEngineStrategies San Jose has concluded for 2009.  A classic annual industry conclave, this year’s edition of #SESSJ exceeded all expectations.  In the teeth of a difficult global recession, the McEnery Convention Center halls were packed with somewhere around 5000 attendees from all over the world.  That’s huge.

Somehow this gathering was different, deeper in a particularly stimulating way. Perhaps it’s the rapidly maturing industry or influx of new professionals to our ranks.  Their energy was infectious. Maybe SES has undergone an inevitable evolution and found its post-Danny Sullivan identity and legs. Either way, I had a blast.

Some of the session topics were different, diverse, really colorful, even radical and the speakers well-vetted.  SES SJ took some chances in how tracks were sequenced this year, featuring edgy and advanced material to balance the obligatory basics for newbies and clinics.

I have a sense that I met cool new clients and made life-long friends this week. You know who you are tweople.  I got to know some folks better, who have been on my radar (literally) for years. Thanks to all our sliver and gold friends. I love you guys. Truly my passion for search is as much about our industry’s people as the vocation.

The AIMCLEAR / Clix Marketing SchmmozeFest San Jose: Tequila Edition was a smash(ed) success. Kudos to our friends at the SJ Hilton for hosting our party on the Affinity Patio. As always David Szetela and I are grateful for the opportunity to pamper our friends.  WebmasterRadio’s Searchbash was insane…one for the record book.

Congratulations to our Incisive Media friends (who work their asses off), including but not limited to Matt McGowan,  Anne Kennedy, Byron Gordon, Marilyn Crafts, Stuart Quealy, Kevin Newcomb, Jackie Ortez and a number of others.

On behalf of the entire AIMCLEAR family,  we extend  heartfelt thanks to Merry Morud, Derek Edmond, and Lisa Anderson who covered SES SJ for AIMCLEAR Blog. Ya’ll did a fabulous job and I’m proud to have handled editor-duties personally. It’s a pleasure to have such fine people on our side of the net. Thanks to Manny, Matt and Laura for holding the office down while we’re away.

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