Serendipity, Kittens & Black Hat: Jonathan Allen V Interview

Jonathan Allen, Search Marketing Specialist at Incisive Media, Director of Search Engine Watch and Co-Founder of Moblog:tech was kind enough to share a few moments of his time with us on day 3 of SES Chicago 2009. Check out the coverage below.

In the interview, Jonathan discusses his background in SEO and some of the topics covered in his sessions (From Search to Discovery and Tool Time: The In-House Search Marketer’s Free-to-Cheap Goodie Bag).

Here’s an overview of the topics:

  • The transition of the search interface to discovery.
  • New signals that mobile phones and API accounts create for search engines.
  • The ways search interface is changing and creating a shared desire for a serendipitous user-experience.

50 SEO’s, 1 Question

Allen uploaded a video in late July at SES London 2009 where he asked 50 SEOs 1 question: “What should we do with black hats?”

Since Jonathan was behind the camera in that video, this time around we wanted to get his opinion on the issue.

You can find Allen’s original “50 SEOs 1 Question” video here:

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