#SESNY, 2:15PM, How To EXPLODE Your Social Media Strategy!

Are you attending Search Engine Strategies New York today? Don’t miss the Spotlight Session featuring Marty Weintraub, CEO & Founder of AIMCLEAR and author of “Killer Facebook Ads” (Wiley/Sybex). In this solo session, “Mining Deep Social Media Strategy From Search History,”@AIMCLEAR will show you how to leverage years of your company’s search marketing experience for fabulous social media tactical insights. Search and social are inexorably related, crucial to each other and each can yield invaluable insight as to how to proceed. Attendees will:

o   Learn techniques for mapping search to social demographic research

o   Explore techniques to mash organic and paid social media tactics to leverage the data

o   Learn killer social media targeting, augmented by search

o   Discover how to identify socially plugged-in authority users along classic lines of search conversion semantics history.

If you’ve never seen Marty speak, you’re in for a treat. He speaks all over the world at major online marketing conferences. This his 5th SES New York in a row speaking. Enjoy people!

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