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Marketers, we’re finally here! The fourth and final post of our compendium to Facebook Purchase Behaviors, AIMCLEAR‘s Facebook Purchase Behavior Buyer Psychographic Profiles.

Any display or social marketer worth their salt know: Facebook brims with buyer behavior (based on REAL purchasing data) and can be a powerful tool in any brand’s sales funnels or brand campaign. Often, social marketers seek direct sales to some success and the reality of too little direct sales at too high a cost.

The solution?

Holistic marketing strategies incorporating search, social, and display ads along with retargeting and RLSAs, throughout the buyer journey, can yield radically sweet sales fruits at scale. Easier said than done. But if you want to get started, Facebook buyer targeting is solid psychographic bedrock for sales campaigns.
Here we’ll explore mind-bending psychographic combinations using the purchase behaviors: Home & Garden, Sports & Outdoors, Kids Products, Pet Products, and Household Products.

PS: If you missed it…

In part one of our Facebook buyer targeting series we explores dynamic ways to target buyers using clothing purchase behaviors and found economic influence indicators while identifying psychographic personas for potential weight loss or blood pressure medical research candidates. (No HIPPA rules were violated in the creation of this targeting. 😉 #promise)

Part two covered health and beauty, store, and purchase types (which includes restaurant psychographics) and revealed even more psychographic income indicators. We found foodies who buy fast-food, lifted the targeting veil on potential gender-blending men (and dug in deeper for an audience that would shatter your stereotyping mind), discovered seniors living with adult children and the adult boys who will never grow up.

Our prior post, part three of AIMCLEAR‘s Facebook Purchase Behavior Buyer Psychographic Profiles, pruned Facebook targeting to focused audiences for frugal fashionistas, security systems to eReading seniors, and looked at what “subscription service” targeting actually means in the social monolith’s targeting tool.

WHEW! Can you see why we explored this MONEY targeting in four parts?!

But without further ado…

Let the PSYCHOgraphic Targeting Begin!

Home Care Buyers and Housewives

Head to home buyer psychographics to hawk home improvement and home renovation goods to audiences perfectly targeted for home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards or brands like DEWALT, Bosch, and BLACK+DECKER. For brands looking at for high income housewives who #buy, stay tuned too.


It’s easy enough to pair home improvement and home renovation audiences and find those with BLACK+DECKER affinity — , there’s your easy audience, but smart marketers will go after the home improvers with no explicit brand affinity. Time to <strikeout>brainwash</strikeout> educate. 😉 Home improvement brands have over 61 million users to target and tout their tools to DIY titans.

Home improvement stores can also use this tactic to find nearly 59(!) million DIY-ers who have no store affinity and can narrow further with home ownership OR find the new home buyers who are likely fresh to the market and less likely to have strong ties or brand opinions.


Next, slice your homeowners by the size of their dwelling, as bigger homes can mean more problems, bigger scale projects, and potentially deeper budgets.

2.5 Million homeowners, without brand affinity residing in 3,000-4,999 sq ft homes,  and are ready for summer projects and are at your fingertips, marketers!


Though their homes may be smaller at 1K-1,999 sq ft, this audience is mighty at 12 million. Who cares if they don’t buy as much, this audience is almost 5X the size of the larger-home owners.


To find TRUE psychographic persona targets for home goods and home improvement brands that are more upscale, or worth-the-price quality, we simply add income targeting from $75K-$150K and target the home’s age of 1920s-80s (as there is a higher likelihood these folks will need to do some repairs, or are looking to flip… (Oh, and they’re not parents, so they have the time for projects.)


Home goods stores like Pier One, Wayfair, and Crate & Barrel should care to market to the sizeable 700K market of hosts and hostesses with the most-esess buying high-end home decor. Catering companies can CASH in by simply excluding cooking behaviors and activities.


Exotic Pet Owners, and Specialty Cleaner’s Psychographics

Facebook purchase behavior targeting makes advertising to dog owners, cat owners, easy.


But humane societies can find potential fur-parents by excluding pet purchase behaviors, while including a love of fluffy four-legged creatures. And of course breeders can target down to the interest of users in a specific breed within a certain geographical radius.


Exotic pet suppliers can find their niche snake-owner audience to the tune of 23,000 and counting.


Fur Babies, Household Green Cleaners, and Human Babes

Pets may be cute companions, but most also come with their own B.O, among other odors… Luckily, Facebook purchaser categories also include Household Products.


Facebook divides cleaning supplies with the subcategory of green cleaners and supplies —- an excellent audience for pet owners of dogs and cats who would rather get clean using green products to the magnitude of 2.2 million.


Next, by exploring the Kids Products categories…


Pair Laundry supplies with baby care and toys and market a new super-detergent pod that cleans a baby’s projectiles like no other.


Sportswomen and Men of Facebook

That’s not all the Kids Product purchase behaviors are good for! Time to pair this revealing targeting with the Sports and Outdoors purchase behaviors.

Companies that sell bike trailers can easily pinpoint parents who bike, run, or need a kick ass pack to take their new peanut hiking.


Or 150,000 new moms looking to shed the baby weight and who are prone to fitness memberships, trainers, new workout gear, workout technology, fitness dvds, smart eating choices, and so much more.


Looking for new members at the club? Find 1.5 million luxury buyers who earn at least $125K and purchase golf and tennis equipment.


Or perhaps you’re in politics, seeking support from gun owners who don’t lean left or right and can be swayed to support bipartisan gun control legislation. Or perhaps your campaign will focus on informing and shifting the political opinion of moderate-to-right gun owners who hunt.


Powerful stuff, Facebook Purchase Behavior targeting is. When combined, layered, and/or used as exclusion targeting pointed psychographic personas emerge as viable, whole-person targeting for SALES. But remember, targeting doesn’t stop in social. Get more out of the well crafted psychographic personas created in Facebook to supply them with highly customized copy throughout the internet (display) and search retargeting (RLSA).

And… happy targeting! -MM




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