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Facebook gets private, Snapchat makes room for memories and Pinterest goes the way of Shazam. Want more? Watch SMCF!


Twitter passes the 60 yard line, Snapchat NEVER Forgets, and WAM, BAM, PINTEREST SHAZAM!
Facebook is clarifying its live video policy, stating it will allow content that is intended to expose or document potential crimes. On the flip side, it will not allow streaming that makes fun of the victim or celebrates violence.
It’s like Snapchat… sort of. Facebook is preparing for private, one-on-one encrypted messages that disappear. Yes, it does sound familiar, but the platform is tailoring the new feature for audiences seeking to share private health or financial information… not millennials looking for new, sweet filters.
Snapchat is rolling out memories, a new feature that allows users to SAVE snaps. Saved snaps can be used to create new stories and can be altered to include new captions or graphics. Have snaps you want to save, but not for the whole world to see? Those can be saved to My Eyes Only, which will be a place users can save snaps that are only accessible with a password.
Beyond memories, Snapchat’s also the proud recipient of a class action lawsuit! The suit alleges that Snapchat’s Discover section is exposing minors to adult content without proper warning. A Snapchat spokesperson said “Discover partners have editorial independence… and the platform supports that.” We’ll keep an eye on this as it develops.
Bumble, the Tinder-esque dating app for feminists and the men who love them, is moving into LinkedIn’s scene. The company, founded by former Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, is launching BumbeBIZZ, which utilizes the power of the swipe to connect young professionals looking to network up a storm. Interesting…
It’s like Shazam for Pinterest! Its latest experiment serves up pins to users who take product photos with their phone. The new image discovery feature is in for a round of edits after its testing last month. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available.
Twitter is working more live streaming deals and in reference to their 10 Game NFL deal, Twitter says they’ve sold more than 60 percent of its NFL inventory to marketers. So if that was on your to do list, you might want to get on that. Twitter also launched new event targeting for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. You can pick a specific sporting event or blanket the entire audience.
Pokemon GO is the newest craze in Augmented Reality gaming, surpassing Twitter in active daily users. Released by Nintendo and Niantic Labs, the game forces players to get up and GO to real world locations to interact, find and catch Pokemon. Many businesses are at these locations, creating an influx of Pokemon GO players. Some are afraid that they will show up and simply take up space, others are embracing the surge of potential customers by advertising to the players themselves, encouraging them to grab food or gear for their outdoor adventures. Why not cash in on the craze while it lasts? Seriously… you can’t escape it.



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