Sizing Up #SMX East: AIMCLEAR Teaching, Speaking & Blogging Agenda

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! #SMX East kicks off tomorrow, boys and ladies, with a series of magical full-day workshops, leading right into  the main event– three jam-packed days of sessions, presentations, panel discussions, and networking events galore. AIMCLEAR is flocking to the City that Never Sleeps in full-force, where we’ll teach, speak, tweet, and blog… not to mention indulge in the awesome cuisine and culture that typifies New York City. We won’t be the only ones there… SMX draws together quite a crowd of industry luminaries, thought-leaders, and serious marketers ready to rock.

AIMCLEAR‘s Marty Weintraub, Merry Morud, Lindsay Schleisman, and yours truly, Lauren Litwinka, will jumpstart the week, joined by Will Scott of Search Influence in our full-day monster grab a seat at the table! Our Facebook Marketing Intensive will be held on Monday, October 1 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, kicking off at 8:30 am and rocking til 5:00 (extending into happy hour at the hotel bar!). Hope to see you there 🙂 .

Speaking Agenda
Now, onto our speaking line-up! Marty and Merry are storming the stage Day 2 (Wednesday), and AIMCLEAR‘s Manny Rivas will be there, too, speaking on Day 3 (Thursday). Let’s take a closer look (session descriptions brought to you by SMX itself).

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 3

3:30 – 4:45 pm 

Getting Liked & Shared On Facebook (#smx #23A)
“With nearly one billion users, the Timeline feature and integration of everything people do from link sharing to exercising, Facebook offers a huge opportunity for marketers. This session looks at how to drive traffic and conversions through fan pages, viral campaigns and more.”

Marty will be joined by fellow speakers Jim Darroch and John Shehata, and led by moderator Monica Wright. A not-to-be-missed session, for sure.

5:00 – 6:15 pm EST

The New Facebook Ads (#smx #24A)
“Despite recent controversy with some major advertisers pulling their Facebook advertising accounts, other marketers have found that Facebook ads generate unprecedented results. And Facebook continues to roll out new formats, targeting options and other features that provide compelling options for many advertisers. This session focuses on the many reasons to “like” the new Facebook ads, and how to create successful campaigns.”

Merry will be up on stage with Eshwar Belani, Addie Conner, and Chris Zaharias, along with moderator Greg Finn. I’ll be there. WIll you?

Day 3 – Thursday, October 4

10:45 am – 12:00 pm

YouTube Words: Tying Your PPC Campaigns To YouTube (#smx #32C)
“Google literally owns YouTube (incidentally, by some measures the second largest search engine after Google), but for years the two companies and their advertising options have been run separately. That’s changed – it’s now possible to tightly integrate your YouTube and paid search campaigns and get the analytics feedback you need to see how effectively your paid search efforts are converting. Attend this session and come “watch” how.”

Manny  will be presenting along with Purna Virji, aaaaaaand since SMX doesn’t feature a moderator on this session, I’ll go ahead and say it’s one of those self-directed gigs 🙂 .

Live-Tweeting & Blogging Agenda
Okay! We’re in the home-stretch. What conference would be complete without rockstar coverage? I’ll be front and center at (hopefully) all of the sessions below, clutching power source and granola bars, ready to bring you top-notch coverage via live-tweets and full blog recaps:

Day 1 – Tuesday, Oct 2

  • 9:00 – 10:15 am “Pumping Up Your Flabby PPC Pecs”
    • With Matt van Wagner (moderator), Jeff Allen, Brad Geddes, Elizabeth Marsten
  • 10:45 am – 12:00 pm “The Optimal Conversion Recipe: Search, Display & Retargeting”
    • With Pamela Parker (moderator), James Green, Joe Kerschbaum, Kevin Ryan, Susan Waldes
  • 1:30 – 2:45 pm “Google Bought A Zoo: Surviving Penguins, Pandas & Other SEO Beasts”
    • With Matt McGee (moderator), Eric Enge, Erin Everhart, Todd Friesen, Ross Hudgens
  • 3:30 – 4:45 pm “SEO Beware: Black Hat Tactics To Avoid & Be Wary Of”
    • With Danny Sullivan (moderator), Kerry Dean, Rob Kerry, Michael Streko

Day 2 – Wednesday, Oct 3

  • 9:00 – 10:00 am Morning Keynote
    • With John Borthwick
  • 10:45 am – 12:00 pm “Do Not Track, Do Not Cookie: How To Handle Government Pushback On Digital Marketing”
    • With Chris Sherman (moderator), David Mink, Jud Soderborg, Tony Wright
  • 1:30 – 2:45 pm “Tuning Up Your Twitter Tactics”
    • With Monica Wright (moderator), Ric Dragon, Aaron Friedman, Jim Yu
  • 3:30 – 4:45 pm “Getting Liked and Shared on Facebook”
    • With Monica Wright (moderator), Jim Darroch, John Shehata, Marty Weintraub
  • 5:00 – 6:15 pm “The New Facebook Ads Greg Finn”
    • With (moderator), Eshwar Belani, Addie Conner, Merry Morud

Day 3 – Thursday, Oct 4

  • 9:00 – 10:15 am “Beyond the Google AdWords Tool: Advanced Keyword Research Tactics”
    • With Christine Churchill (moderator), Patricia Hursh, Shawn Livengood, Suren Ter-Saakov, Laura Thieme
  • 10:45 am – 12:00 pm “YouTube Words: Tying your PPC Campaigns to YouTube”
    • With Manny Rivas, Purna Virji
  • 1:00 – 2:15 pm “Extreme SEO Makeover: The Final Results”
    • With Rob Kerry (moderator), David Burgess, Russ Jones, Jay Young
We are so thoroughly jazzed by this year’s SMX East curriculum and speaker line-up, and we hope to see you there 🙂 Stop by the AIMCLEAR booth in the Expo Hall and say hi!
Post image credit: kaysha on Flickr

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