SMX Travel@PhoCusWright is an Essential Conference for Internet Travel Marketers


We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be covering SMX Travel@PhoCusWright next week, November 12th & 13th, in Orlando Florida. This annual two day event qualifies as the peak informational-summit for travel marketers who seek a cutting edge understanding of organic and paid search.

The conference features presentations from “best-of-breed travel and hospitality industry providers.” If your SEM shop, advertising agency, or in-house job involves marketing hotels, conventions, tourism, transportation, and other travel related products, don’t miss this show. AIMCLEAR handles dozens of name brand and independent hotel products as well as niche tourism verticals and we’ve been looking forward to this show for months. Here’s the link if you’d like to register now.

Must Have Information
Everyone knows consumers look to the Internet for trip planning, booking, and sharing memories in social communities. These days marketers’ are charged with mastering multiple flavors of travel site-tools. Adapt or be left by the side of the highway eating exhaust.

Travel product aggregators, traditional search engines, social media, and destination sites tender serious opportunities to drive traffic, booking, and sales of other tourism/travel related products. SMX Travel@PhoCusWright is “the definitive resource for travel and tourism marketers by combining the search marketing expertise of the editorial team and with the travel- and hospitality-industry knowledge of PhoCusWright’s analysts.”

SMX and Chris Sherman
Conference chair Chris Sherman is known globally as a foremost search marketing expert, having sequenced dozens of critically acclaimed SEM conferences over the last decade. For any of you in-house travel marketing types, who are curious as to what conferences we hard-core search marketers attend, I’m here to tell you that the information presented at any event Chris programs will make you money. Recently he Co Chaired SMX Local & Mobile (The definitive social media pow wow) and has written several authoritative books on search marketing, including “Google Power: Unleash the Full Power of Google,” published by McGraw-Hill.

It’s Not Too Late to Register
Register for SMX Travel@PhoCusWright online or by contacting or +1 860 350-4084 x500.

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