Pumped For #SMX West? Come Early For AIMCLEAR‘s Social SEO Workshop!

Tired of watching algorithm updates shatter your SEO tactics? The days of regrouping from Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and ever-changing link requirements can be over…if you grasp the way social content distribution is changing. Financial pressures are forcing Facebook and Twitter to monetize wherever they can, giving rise to a new content distribution model that combines paid and organic tactics to reach users and build links.

Can you honestly say your website’s content earns enough socially driven traffic, KPI/CPA conversion, critical social signals, inbound links, focused likes and follows? The answer for many marketers, even after massive investments in social media and creating excellent content, is a resounding NO!


Marty Weintraub, AIMCLEAR Founder and Evangelist, and Merry Morud, AIMCLEAR Social Advertising Director, will be hosting our Social Content Distribution for SEO: The New Link Building workshop exclusively at SMX West on Monday, March 10. Arrive a day before the conference kicks off and learn how paid/organic distribution can make your SEO bulletproof against harsh search engine algorithm changes. Register today! All workshop attendees will receive a free copy of The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success.

Paid Amplification: The Modern Link Building Google Loves (and it works!)

Creating effective content and distributing it to the right social audiences will insulate you from future Google inquisitions like the ones that killed off traditional link building. Don’t let the next one claim you! We’ll show you how to sail through algorithm updates stress free by earning top quality links without pitching through emails and phone calls, a.k.a. “the old way.”

Do you want your content to:

  • Get you links from high-authority sites?
  • Earn authentic social signals from authoritative users?
  • Direct social traffic to content that converts?

Who doesn’t? But you won’t get it through free social distribution channels.  The new paid/organic social content distribution model is the least understood and most powerful tactic in online marketing today. Our day-long workshop will show you how to master it. Marty and Merry will get their hands dirty showing you the most common paid/organic ad units in Facebook (Page Post Ads, Facebook Partner Targeting and more) and Twitter (Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Search Results). These are the tactical points you must know for building an effective paid/organic campaign.

Paid Tactics for Content Distribution: Deadeye Twitter and Facebook Targeting

Bust out of the mindset that you can achieve results with free social updates. You can’t. Social has gone Wall Street. Free social channels don’t deliver corporate earnings, that’s why Facebook has been reducing the reach of brand content since it went public in 2012.  The only effective ways to promote your content via social are paid.


Paid/organic strategies rely on intense targeting – all of your content has to be delivered to the users who will share, like, follow and drive the traffic that yields conversions. Failing to target precisely is more than a waste of your ad budget: It fails to maximize the investment you make in content creation.

We’ll use a colorful mashup of YouTube and search suggestions to teach you how to spot the keywords your competitors haven’t found. You will own them and use them to:


  • Leverage the “social tail” of search to substantially expand your keyword bucket;
  • Create optimized content for eCommerce, B2B and B2C SEO;
  • Build a new array of inexpensive mid- and long-tail search keywords for YouTube, Google and Bing; and
  • Understand your customers in a more meaningful way by mapping to search.

Our workshop will show you how you can amplify your content by 2000x in 15 minutes for pennies with topics like:


Mastering Social PR for SEO. Traditional link building is dead, killed off by the kinds of Google updates that paid/organic tactics protect you from. In its place AIMCLEAR invented paid/organic distribution targeting that lets you hone in on specific publications from USA Today to Conde Nast and target reporters, editors, anchors, producers and most every other media role on Earth. These are the users who carry the authority your content needs. Previous attendees of our workshops have said this module alone is worth the price of admission.

Practical Deployment of Multi-Channel Psychographic Targeting. We’ll show you how to uncover and deploy powerful audience segments within Facebook and Twitter that you can use to make sure your targeted distribution hits the authoritative users who drive conversions.

Techniques to Measure Psychographic Density of Your Community. Who’s who, who matters and why? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn don’t tell you, but we will. We’ll show you state-of-the-art techniques for analyzing the interests of your users that your boss will love!

Arrive at SMX West a day early and you’ll leave our workshop knowing:

  • How to determine the ‘real value’ of likes and shares for SEO;
  • How to reliably generate social signals for SEO; and
  • How to use Google+ to obliterate your SEO objectives.

See you in San Jose.

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