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Snapchat takes on the TV scene, Facebook takes another look at its censorship policy and LinkedIn rolls out new recommendations algorithm. Learn more — watch SMCF!

Back in September, Snapchat’s Imran Khan took a swing at Facebook’s auto-played video ads that were void of sound. Khan said that, “advertisers are paying video prices for a moving banner ad.” Wow. That’s savage Khan. BUT OH SHIT, WHAT’S THIS? YOUTUBE STEPS INTO THE RING, THROWING THE HAMMER DOWN ON FACEBOOK CLAIMING, “96% of [YouTube] users now watch video with the sound on and that this “has an impact on advertising.” That’s a pretty vicious, yet devastatingly true statement. Most users who watch videos online, watch them with sound. Using Facebook’s auto-play feature to make soundless videos, just for the sake of animation could be called smart, but also could be called cheap, inauthentic, and downright lazy. *ding ding* <- Wrestling ring bell.

Facebook is going to be giving a little more consideration before banning content it deems inappropriate. The platform said it will be consulting with journalists and law enforcement experts as they craft new guidelines on what to accept — and what to deny.

Hey, Facebook Live is getting more popular. Use of Live has quadrupled since May — and Facebook is aiming to get even more folks on board with new initiatives. The new ad campaign will feature videos shot by Facebook users, depicting the great time that’s awaiting those who have yet to give Live a go.

Have you noticed LinkedIn has been encouraging you to endorse those who you work with… or used to work with? There’s a reason for that. The platform is using a new algorithm targeting feature to show you recommendations you’re more likely to react with.

Snapchat is taking steps to become more a part of the television industry. They partnered with Fox to display special Snapcodes during the broadcast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show last Thursday. The Snapcodes allow users to gain access to exclusive content and filters throughout the show.

In the news world Snapchat has been stepping up their curated stories, by offering channels dedicated to world news events, bringing users to the front lines of war zones including Iraq & Syria. Much of the content is sourced from footage taken by soldiers in the front lines as well as press events. People seem to be split on how appropriate it is for Snapchat to be curating such serious content, with some saying it’s a new and immersive way to experience news and others saying soldiers don’t need to be taking animated dog selfies while they’re in combat.

Snapchat is changing up how they pay creators, moving from sharing ad revenue to paying licensing fees upfront. Content creators are concerned this will result in less overall income and will impact how many resources they can dedicate to Snapchat content. We’ll keep an eye on this one as it unfolds.

Amnesty International just came out with a report saying that Snapchat & Skype may put users’ “human rights at risk” by not using end to end encryption on their platforms to protect information. While we question whether leaked or stolen selfies of people with an old timey hat and mustache constitutes a “human rights violation”, the report is pretty damning for a service based on private and secure messaging.

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